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Smart Cities are Becoming a Reality and Could Have Positive Real Estate Effects

Tim Foster-Greenwood

If you haven't yet heard about the Internet of Things, that's all about to change. Also known as IoT, it is the next technological revolution that is transforming everyday physical objects into 'smart' objects that are connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data. By the year 2020, the number of connected devices in the IoT ecosystem is expected to double.

Tim Foster-Greenwood, Greenwood Group Realtors
BiziNet Magazine #92 - Sep/Oct 2018

The Future is Tech for Smart Homes

Tim Foster-Greenwood

It is without doubt that Australians are an increasingly tech-savvy bunch, and we are forever on the look out for the newest gadgets that will streamline and simplify daily life. One area this is becoming more and more obvious, is our homes. Convenience, simplicity and wow factor design are all aspects that we keep in mind when not just looking for new gadgets for our homes, but also when we are looking at buying a new home.

Tim Foster-Greenwood, Greenwood Group Realtors
BiziNet Magazine #91 - July/Aug 2018



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