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Mindset - It's Where We All Start to Succeed or Fail

George Mavros

I am a strong believer of mindset being the starting point in most cases for our failure or success in most things we do. I do not say just because you have a positive mindset everything will be fine or those that are often negative in their mindset will always fail. I do believe though that those with a positive and confident approach have a far greater chance of success than those that don’t.

George Mavros, ETSI Consulting
BiziNet Magazine #81 - Sep/Oct 2016

Blockchain Smart Cities and You?

George Mavros

I fell into Smart Cities as a consequence of my involvement with Sales Marketing and Business Development advisory and coaching services and more specifically through my Patent Commercialisation services. I had a number of inventors approach me to say the same sort of thing “this will be part of the Smart City revolution.” So I decided I should find out more about it that was around 2007.

George Mavros, ETSI Consulting
BiziNet Magazine #80 - July/Aug 2016



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