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e-Commerce: The Tricky Way Forward

Daniel Moisyeyev

The pandemic has forced a large portion of our population to sit at home for months on end, forced to spend excessive amounts of time in front of computers, tablets and on their phones. Has this resulted in a change in consumer behaviour? The outcome has been a boom in online retail. But who actually benefits from this massive shift to online spending? Are you a business owner eager to get a slice of the digital pie? There quite are a lot of nuances in e-commerce and success in the digital realm is often not as straightforward and simple as it looks.

Daniel Moisyeyev, BiziNet Media
BiziNet Magazine #109 - Nov/Dec 2021

Internet of Things (IoT)

Daniel Moisyeyev

You may have overheard conversations that mention the "Internet of Things" (IoT) - a relatively new term that is being thrown around more and more often. While the concept itself isn't entirely new like some other recent developments in IT (e.g. cryptocurrencies and blockchain), the time has come to have a serious discussion on this development and how it will soon irreversibly entangle itself into our lives. This one isn't just another buzzword that will fade out of fashion.

Daniel Moisyeyev, BiziNet Media
BiziNet Magazine #108 - Jun/Jul 2021

The Supercharged Transition

Daniel Moisyeyev

The COVID-19 pandemic is the major cataclysm of our time. Global events of such scale bring on world-wide ramifications and inevitably end up changing the course of history. One could argue that the last time humanity faced a global crisis that created such a level of uncertainty was 80 years ago - and while we are not technically in a world war (although some kind of "vaccine wars" may have already started with a few nations starting to show their teeth...), the current situation does have some parallels.

Daniel Moisyeyev, BiziNet Media
BiziNet Magazine #107 - Apr/May 2021

The "Digital" and "Innovation" Reality Check

Daniel Moisyeyev

We have a big problem in Australia. We learnt to use words like "innovation" and "digital" well. A bit too well. By the term "use", I mean senselessly throw around to be trendy amongst our peers in business. Every man and his dog is a digital expert at the forefront of digital innovation nowadays. Government is entirely on the bandwagon, flooding the market with guides, seminars and workshops as to how to digitise your business when they should be instead focused on getting their own digital affairs in order (e.g. the "COVIDSafe" Coronavirus App & the March 2020 MyGov/Centrelink failure).

Daniel Moisyeyev, BiziNet Media
BiziNet Magazine #106 - Feb/Mar 2021

Cybersecurity for Business is Now a Critical Issue (part II)

Daniel Moisyeyev

In Part I, I went over some of the key security issues that business operators can be caught out with. These included issues such as Online Identity Theft, "Phishing" and Passwords. In this Part II article, the discussion on the topic continues with more IT security principles that cover protection of your domain names, cryptocurrency blackmail scams, viruses and some other general ways as to how to fortify your business against breaches.

Daniel Moisyeyev, BiziNet Media
BiziNet Magazine #105 - Dec/Jan 2021


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