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The Supercharged Transition

Daniel Moisyeyev

The COVID-19 pandemic is the major cataclysm of our time. Global events of such scale bring on world-wide ramifications and inevitably end up changing the course of history. One could argue that the last time humanity faced a global crisis that created such a level of uncertainty was 80 years ago - and while we are not technically in a world war (although some kind of "vaccine wars" may have already started with a few nations starting to show their teeth...), the current situation does have some parallels.

Daniel Moisyeyev, BiziNet Media
BiziNet Magazine #107 - Apr/May 2021

Investing Your Life Savings - Be Careful of Ponzi Schemes

Bruce Gleeson

On 15th December 2020 Daniel Soire and myself were appointed Provisional Liquidators of Maliver Pty Ltd and Receivers to the property of Melissa Caddick by the Federal Court of Australia pursuant to an application by ASIC. The Caddick case continues to attract significant interest, particularly given the recent announcement by NSW Police that they have found certain body parts of Ms Caddick on the NSW South Coast. The cause of her death has not as yet been determined. Relevantly, it also an important reminder of the continuing existence of "Ponzi Schemes".

Bruce Gleeson, Jones Partners Insolvency And Business Recovery
BiziNet Magazine #107 - Apr/May 2021


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