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Pet Industry Top Dog

Four-legged, two-legged, no-legged companion creatures, great and small, John Grima loves them all. Born in the rural outskirts of Sydney, John's passion for any animal or fish was obvious from the beginning. It's no surprise that from that early love, John now owns and runs one of the largest pet store operations in Australia - a superstore that offers support to all pet owners at every stage of their pet's life cycle.

Michael Gladkoff, BiziNet Media
BiziNet Magazine #105 - Dec/Jan 2021

Insolvency Reforms to Support Small Business - Will You Be Eligible?

Bruce Gleeson

The Federal Government announced reforms in October 2020 aimed at assisting small business to restructure when they are in financial distress, which has been particularly evident during the Covid-19 pandemic. The reforms have been designed to reduce the complexity and costs of the small business in restructuring their financial affairs with a view to continuing into the future when compared to the present option available, that being a Voluntary Administration ("VA") process.

Bruce Gleeson, Jones Partners Insolvency And Business Recovery
BiziNet Magazine #105 - Dec/Jan 2021

The Sydney Business Report: Rising to Meet the Challenge of COVID-19

Peter May

Sydney is Australia's largest city. Its population exceeds 5 million people and it contributes over 24% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the Australian economy.

The cluster of activities in Sydney city and its surrounding town centres creates an economic engine and a symbiotic relationship amongst its businesses. It generates competitive value for the businesses in this area and in return businesses benefit from increased connectivity, access to labour and talent, infrastructure, and the flow on effects of innovation.

Peter May, CBD Sydney Chamber
BiziNet Magazine #105 - Dec/Jan 2021


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