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Bankruptcy and Family Trusts - Are They Still Effective?

Bruce Gleeson

Family Trusts have and will continue to be used into the future for a variety of purposes, in particular asset protection. Most Family Trusts notably have a Corporate Trustee. As a Registered Bankruptcy Trustee, I am quite often asked by individuals who may be a Director/Shareholder of the Corporate Trustee and/or a Beneficiary of the Family Trust (or discretionary trust) what happens if the individual goes into bankruptcy (either voluntary [themselves] or involuntarily [via the Federal Court])?

Bruce Gleeson, Jones Partners Insolvency And Business Recovery
BiziNet Magazine #85 - May/Jun 2017

Accountancy and Bookkeeping Digital Disruption, Are You Prepared?

John Howard

‘The digital age is upon us,’ has become a hoary cliché. Some have chased down every latest innovation. Others are slower to adapt. However all of us have been forced to change outmoded ways of doing things. There comes a point in the furious technological stampede where some of those feeling trampled are the very businesses for which these advances are trying to cater. Benefits have flowed but have we reached a position where what we take out of a company report is becoming an exercise mired in time-consuming study?

John Howard, Smoothstream Business Intelligence
BiziNet Magazine #85 - May/Jun 2017


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