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Clean Ocean Day... Can We Make a Difference?..

‘Save the Planet!’ we hear much shouting about these days. Humans’ capacity to do anything that will ‘save’ the planet actuated colourful British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to opine in regard to the global warming hypothesis,

“As a species, we human beings have become so blind with conceit and self-love that we genuinely believe that the fate of the planet is in our hands…”

A. Charles Smith, BiziNet Media
BiziNet Magazine #84 - Mar/Apr 2017

Now's The Best Time to Start Your Business

Dmitry Greku

In March, The Hills Shire Council put on the - Small Business Exchange. The event went really well for our business and for many others. This was an unusual, simple and innovative idea that helped us all. I have never seen anything like it at previous business Expos. Appointments with other businesses were organised by the host for all exhibitors before the Expo. Thanks must go to the Council's Economic Development team for this initiative. I would like to congratulate The Hills Shire Council for such a great experience. From what I know, we can expect even more next year.

Dmitry Greku, BiziNet Media
BiziNet Magazine #84 - Mar/Apr 2017


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