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Garry Browne, CEO, Stuart Alexander & Co. Balancing Values and Value

Garry Browne sits in his Ultimo office in Sydney. A wool shed in its previous life, it’s a remarkable work space with its exposed wooden beams, raw brick and oddly sloping floor. There is a richness of character to the space – and much like the company Garry Browne leads – it permeates a sense of history and admiration for who and what has gone before.

BiziNet Features, BiziNet Media
BiziNet Magazine #83 - Jan/Feb 2017

What Does Your Personal Brand Say About You?

Chris Underwood

In business, our look sends out an important message to others about ourselves. Are we conservative, attentive to detail, creative, edgy, trendy, traditional? Take a moment and think about what your look says about you, and how you would like to present your personal style. Just like branding of a business, your personal look is your brand – your unique style. Keeping an eye on fashion and trends can help you develop your own style and keep it current.

Chris Underwood, Underwood Jewellers
BiziNet Magazine #83 - Jan/Feb 2017


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