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Sean Howard AO - My Crowded Hour

At 56, he is perfectly at home in a skin tempered by hardship and experience. Quietly confident, Sean Howard is measuring his next foray into the high-tech world he first entered in 1980, rising to become founder of OzEmail, formerly Australia’s largest Internet company. 
His measured manner may derive from a fractured early life and being at the centre of conflict. It is evident that he eschews it but that has not embittered him.

A. Charles Smith, BiziNet Media
BiziNet Magazine #78 - Mar/Apr 2016

Smart Ways to Protect Your New Business When the Market Gets Rough

Bekir Kilic

The equity market is going through another period of uncertainty and it is making business leaders in new companies nervous. I have been operating my business since 1999 and have experienced the ups and downs of the economy. It is tough running a small business in the early expansion phase. You need to stick to your vision, be resilient and address the challenges head on.

Bekir Kilic, Pro IT
BiziNet Magazine #78 - Mar/Apr 2016


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