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Is 2021 the Year of Opportunity?

Paul Sweeney

There's a growing momentum around opportunity. People are starting to think more about how they can improve the ways that they run their business or look for new business opportunities to grow their profits, to grow their income. I'm currently receiving an increased number of inquiries from people wanting to start or buy new businesses. Or simply change the way they are operating to be more profitable.

Paul Sweeney, Pretium Solutions Pty Ltd
BiziNet Magazine #106 - Feb/Mar 2021

Business Advice to Help You Survive and Thrive

Paul Sweeney

The Current Business and economic environment is tough. Business owners everywhere are struggling and relying on Government stimulus to help them to persevere throughout the crisis. Keeping the door open and employees employed is a priority of the Government and there are many businesses who have weathered the current crisis on the back of Government Stimulus. Why would anyone want to run a business or perhaps more surpassing, why would anyone want to start a business?

Paul Sweeney, Pretium Solutions Pty Ltd
BiziNet Magazine #104 - Oct/Nov 2020


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