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Complexity Costs Jobs

We are now trying to get people back to work and keep managing the health crisis. This is the time to confront the incredibly complicated employment processes. The Prime Minister at his National Press Club address in May 2020 described Australia's IR system as one "...that has to date retreated to tribalism, conflict and ideological posturing," he called on all parties to lay down their arms.

COSBOA, Council of Small Business Organisations Australia
BiziNet Magazine #103 - Aug/Sep 2020

Speed, Scale and Sizable COVID-19 Assistance Available For Small Business

Peter Strong

COVID-19 may well change the world; however, right now small business owners are focussed on navigating the immediate issues: cashflow uncertainty, fear, and the welfare of their workforce and customers. Small business has always been practical and pragmatic, robust and resilient. Embedded in their communities, they are first and hardest hit when economies tank, natural disasters strike, or governments change the rules.

Peter Strong, Council of Small Business Organisations Australia
BiziNet Magazine #101 - Apr/May 2020

Servos – Last to Close and First to Open During Disasters

Mark McKenzie

Early November, the highway into the township of Taree on the NSW mid North Coast was cut-off due to fires burning to the north of the town (near John's River) to the south (at Nabiac) and to the west (at Hillville). These fires began on Thursday 6 November 2019 and, at one point, firefighters were faced with a wall of flames spread across a 60 km fire front in conditions that can only be described as 'unprecedented' for the area.

Mark McKenzie, Council of Small Business Organisations Australia
BiziNet Magazine #100 - Jan/Feb 2020

It’s Time to Lead for all Australians

Mark McKenzie

On 18 May 2019, Australians will go to the polls to elect the 46th Australian Parliament. At one level, the election offers a choice between the Red Team (Labor led by opposition leader Bill Shorten) and the Blue Team (the Liberal and National Coalition led by PM Scott Morrison and Deputy PM Michael McCormack). Sadly, many Australians have become so disillusioned with the quality of national political leadership in recent years that the choice for them may simply come down to which colour they dislike least.

Mark McKenzie, Council of Small Business Organisations Australia
BiziNet Magazine #96 - May/Jun 2019


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