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Skilled Tradesman, Not So Skilled Anymore?

Robert Theodoridis

When I first started my apprenticeship over 16 years ago I remember inspectors would constantly review our work on completion to see if we had performed the work to the Australian Standards. Most times there wouldn't be an issue, however, sometimes from time-to-time they would give you a minor defect notice to keep the company on its toes. Back then, almost every job got inspected as there was a large number of inspectors who would cover all areas - now probably only 5 in 100 jobs get inspected and that's being generous.

Robert Theodoridis, Sydney Electrical Contractors
BiziNet Magazine #91 - July/Aug 2018

The Star That Provides Power To Our World

Robert Theodoridis

In the last few weeks I have been curiously listening to a very popular talk back radio program that in my view doesn’t support solar and renewable energy installations throughout Australia, particularly in NSW. This criticism is mainly because all solar installations completed, are ‘subsidised’ and eligible for generous rebates or more commonly known as STC’s (Small-scale Technology Certificates) if it meets certain criteria, using tax-payers money. I will explain how this all works shortly, however, I would like to raise a few points in the defence of renewable energy as it’s no secret I’m a prime advocate for it.

Robert Theodoridis, Sydney Electrical Contractors
BiziNet Magazine #90 - May/Jun 2018



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