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Seeing is Believing - how to Use Mobile Technology to Demonstrate Your Product Visually

Alexey Prokopenko

How to entertain and educate, demonstrate and animate, these are all challenges we face with our products and services and we need to keep ahead of the game to be able to attract our target audience. How to visually express your product? How to demonstrate products and animate them in the virtual world? There is a new trend on the mobile market to generate sales which is known as Augmented Reality (AR).

Alexey Prokopenko, Kite Union Pty Ltd
BiziNet Magazine #92 - Sep/Oct 2018

Five Vital Reasons For Lawyers To Use Mobile Apps

Alexey Prokopenko

Are you a legal practitioner? If so, mobile app technologies can help to improve efficiencies within your firm operations and keep your clients informed and up-to-date. In today’s world, digital is king within businesses. Law firms and legal practitioners must up their ante to differentiate themselves from the majority by embracing technology, in particular mobile phone app technology, to go all the way with the inevitable digital progression. We have identified below just five of the many reasons why your firm should champion mobile technology:

Alexey Prokopenko, Kite Union Pty Ltd
BiziNet Magazine #89 - Mar/Apr 2018

Marketing & Mobile Applications: Linking the Two

Alexey Prokopenko

Did you know you can use mobile technology to boost your marketing campaign? There are so many options available to aid your marketing efforts and so limited time to be able to focus on which is the best for your business. You can choose something off the shelf which is not customised to your needs or you can invest in mobile software which suits your purposes 100%. This article explains why you should consider developing your own application customised for your marketing purposes rather than rely on mass-used products.

Alexey Prokopenko, Kite Union Pty Ltd
BiziNet Magazine #88 - Nov/Dec 2017


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