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How to Create a Happy Productive Workplace

Rebecca Cushway

There are all sorts of claims about how to create happy, productive workplaces. Many top tier organisations offer sleek work spaces, that look like Star Trek sets, Nespresso coffee stations and free fruit every Friday.  Although these perks are a gesture of appreciation, the underlying relationship employees have with the organisation and its leaders delivers the real productivity difference!

Rebecca Cushway, Careers Excelled
BiziNet Magazine #81 - Sep/Oct 2016

Psychological 'Secrets' to Spot Gem Employees and Sift out the Rest!

Rebecca Cushway

Recruitment accounts for about 30% of the success of any employee in a business. Another 30% is down to our leadership, while 40% is based on the business itself. Getting recruitment right is a large and costly piece of the puzzle. Even though it is not rocket science, many small business owners tend to make the same mistakes. Making the most of recruitment without too much investment is well worth the success it delivers!

Rebecca Cushway, Careers Excelled
BiziNet Magazine #80 - July/Aug 2016

Bullying or Performance Management? Do You Know the Line?

Rebecca Cushway

Workplace Bullying is a modern workplace cancer; its symptoms and impacts can be subtle or severe and are uncovered in expected and unexpected settings. Even though legal measures are now in place under various Workplace Health and Safety Acts to prevent and prosecute Workplace Bullying, implementing practical strategies to work civilly and productively continue to be a challenge for many Australian Workplaces.

Rebecca Cushway, Careers Excelled
BiziNet Magazine #79 - May/Jun 2016



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