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Angry Anderson

The Oxford defines it thus, ‘Truth’ the quality or a state of being true or truthful: what is true.

Aaahh truth, That most beautiful of all human traits. Truth in its purest form is a key to true happiness. It is a foundation stone for all humanity, knowledge and is a cornerstone rock upon which a truly civilised society can be built.

Angry Anderson, Angry Marketing
BiziNet Magazine #77 - Jan/Feb 2016

Enough is Enough!

Angry Anderson

In all honesty I have not been able to come up with a clever title for this article, rant, tirade…call it what you will but no clever title to get us started!
Those of us who are old enough can cast our minds and memories back to 1976 when the movie Network came out starring among others, the late and great actor Peter Finch. The rest of you can Google it.

Angry Anderson, Angry Marketing
BiziNet Magazine #76 - Nov/Dec 2015



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