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The Taxation Menace in Property

Paul McKenzie

Not long after my book "Property & Conveyancing Made Easy" was released, both the New South Wales and Victorian state governments made similar announcements, at the same time, to review stamp duty with land tax during 2021. There has been an ongoing debate about stamp duty, once a small tax, and previous promises by opposition parties to abolish it if elected. This never happened. When the GST was introduced by the Howard Government in Canberra, their campaign was GST = Good-Bye Seven Taxes. The defunct Australian Democrats in the Senate demanded basic food grocery items, health and education to be exempt from GST as a trade-off. Those seven taxes, including stamp duty, remain.

Paul McKenzie, ABS Conveyancing
BiziNet Magazine #107 - Apr/May 2021

The Biggest Infrastructure Spend in History

Catherine Cashmore

The virus may have triggered this downturn. But it's the fragility of Australia's economic makeup that has our governments panicking. We have a houses and holes economy.
Australia's economic complexity is dismal. We're down at number 93 on the list - just above Pakistan. About 70% of the products we sell to foreign buyers, on a net basis, are minerals and energy. The rest of our wealth is mostly tied up in a $6.9 trillion housing market. One that breathes by way of population growth (mainly from immigration) and high levels of private debt.

Catherine Cashmore, Cashmore & Co Real Estate
BiziNet Magazine #102 - June/July 2020


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