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Beyond the Delta Variant - Maintaining Business Focus

Bruce Gleeson

Bruce Gleeson, FCA, FCPA, RITF &
Mark Marlow, RITM, FIPA

The financial and mental health effects that Covid-19 and subsequently the Delta variant have had on many businesses in my opinion will only be fully understood over the next 1-2 years as we see the long-term tail effects playout. And whilst in NSW we are rejoicing as we move beyond Freedom Day it is critical that business owners maintain focus as financial stimulus is withdrawn by the Governments and there is transition back to a normalisation of capital cycles and debt recovery processes that were well and truly disrupted during Covid.

Bruce Gleeson, Jones Partners Insolvency And Business Recovery
BiziNet Magazine #109 - Nov/Dec 2021

Start Your Journey Now for Post-Lockdown Business Success

Paul Sweeney

Your business is at an important crossroad. How do you determine the best route forward if you are to achieve your goals of business growth, profit and personal lifestyle?

For many business owners the COVID crisis and business lockdowns have provided a catalyst to critically review how their business operates so they can improve profitability and performance. Others have preferred to bunker down and wait for the crisis to end, relying on government assistance and hoping that they can recover when business picks up.

Paul Sweeney, Pretium Solutions Pty Ltd
BiziNet Magazine #109 - Nov/Dec 2021

Cybersecurity Issues and Financial Crime in the Small Business Environment

Leo Colgar

This month I would like to talk about cybersecurity issues and financial crime in small business environments. While it may seem like small businesses are small fish for criminals, this is not always the case. In fact, small businesses are often easy targets. The major types of crimes that small businesses face in their daily operations include identity theft, stealing of private information, money laundering, and fraud.

Leo Colgar, Bright Accounting and Taxation Services
BiziNet Magazine #109 - Nov/Dec 2021


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