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A Powerful Partnership to Help Power Up Your 2021 Training Plans

Peter May

The CBD Sydney Chamber is fortunate to have BSI Learning as a Sponsor Member. We believe that training teams and managers of the future is of critical importance. But to get there, people need access to expert training. And as business owners and managers, I'm sure you'd agree that your efforts to upskill, motivate and ultimately retain the best talent provides your business with a far better chance of continued success.

Peter May, CBD Sydney Chamber
BiziNet Magazine #108 - Jun/Jul 2021

Moving Forward

Peter May

The December COVID-19 spike, Northern Beaches lock downs and health-related mandates around compulsory mask wearing are now in the rear-vision mirror. Each served as stark reminders of how quickly things change and the speed at which such spikes can impact businesses. For example, during the week of the pre-Christmas lockdown one CBD-based retailer advised that trade was down some 60% on expectations.

Peter May, CBD Sydney Chamber
BiziNet Magazine #106 - Feb/Mar 2021

The New Face of Collaboration in 2020

Peter May

Collaboration takes many shapes and generally presents opportunities to support innovation by combining capabilities and expertise around a common purpose. A Forbes Magazine's article Increasing Complexity is Driving The Value of Collaboration suggested "the ability to collaborate is becoming a key driver of value creation." Today many businesses understand its potential but may be unsure how to get started. If ever there was a time of increasing complexity it's now - and the potential rewards demand that every business should actively seek opportunities for collaboration.

Peter May, CBD Sydney Chamber
BiziNet Magazine #102 - Jun/Jul 2020

A Strong Chamber is a Great Support, Especially in Times Like These

Peter May

There is little doubt that these are challenging times for many businesses and families. As pen goes to this paper there are 771,984 confirmed cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide, with at least 4,245 confirmed cases in Australia*, countless businesses either closed or on the brink of closing with no defined timeline for when they might re-open and unemployment is inexorably rising.

Peter May, CBD Sydney Chamber
BiziNet Magazine #101 - Apr/May 2020


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