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Putting Wind in SME Sails

Bruce Billson began his appointment as Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman in March 2021. As a member of the Australian House of Representatives from 1996 to 2016, Bruce was active in roles connected to business and the economy. These included Shadow Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy; Shadow Minister for Sustainable Development and Cities; and Shadow Minister for Small Business, Competition Policy and Consumer Affairs. After the 2013 election he became Minister for Small Business. He retired from politics in 2016 and held board roles with the Franchise Council of Australia and Judo Capital.

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by Michael GladkoffBiziNet Media

Publisher's Guest - Clr Frank De Masi

Clr Frank De Masi was elected to The Hills Shire Council in 2017 representing Central Ward.

Clr De Masi is also a local business owner and operates two Australia Post Licensed Post Offices located at Kellyville and Stanhope Gardens. Clr De Masi brings much needed business skills and is a big supporter of SMEs in The Hills Shire.

by BiziNet BiziNet Media

Bankruptcy is a Word Not a Sentence

Bruce Gleeson

by Bruce Gleeson, FCA, FCPA, RITF & Mark Marlow, RITM, FIPA

Bankruptcy is a word, not a sentence. But it is also how the word is interpreted and explained that remains critical so that a fresh start and a focus on the future can begin.

by Bruce GleesonJones Partners Insolvency And Business Recovery

Why Tax Planning is Only Part of the Solution for Your Business

Paul Sweeney

If you're like most Australian business owners, your tax planning starts just before the end of the financial year.

by Paul SweeneyPretium Solutions Pty Ltd

Property Insurance - Are You Adequately Protected?

Paul McKenzie

Property is a big investment class in Australia, and yet some property owners and investors neglect the necessity of building insurance, including adequate coverage. Strata schemes, by law, require insurance, with an insurance valuation assessment by a professional property valuer every five years or so to make sure they are adequately covered.

by Paul McKenzieABS Conveyancing

A Powerful Partnership to Help Power Up Your 2021 Training Plans

Peter May

The CBD Sydney Chamber is fortunate to have BSI Learning as a Sponsor Member. We believe that training teams and managers of the future is of critical importance. But to get there, people need access to expert training. And as business owners and managers, I'm sure you'd agree that your efforts to upskill, motivate and ultimately retain the best talent provides your business with a far better chance of continued success.

by Peter MayCBD Sydney Chamber

Mobile App vs Mobile Website: Which One's Better?

Grace Wong

If your business isn't optimised for mobile, you're losing customers. It's as simple as that. But let's breakdown and compare mobile apps vs mobile websites.

by Grace WongConnect Mobile Apps

Internet of Things (IoT)

Daniel Moisyeyev

You may have overheard conversations that mention the "Internet of Things" (IoT) - a relatively new term that is being thrown around more and more often. While the concept itself isn't entirely new like some other recent developments in IT (e.g. cryptocurrencies and blockchain), the time has come to have a serious discussion on this development and how it will soon irreversibly entangle itself into our lives. This one isn't just another buzzword that will fade out of fashion.

by Daniel MoisyeyevBiziNet Media


Spin360-3D is an Australian company committed to providing 'interactive business solutions' to B2B and B2C. During the Covid-19 shutdown, more companies have embraced our services in turning around their struggling 'bricks and mortar' businesses into thriving fully immersive 3D virtual online shopping experiences.

by Stephen SmithSPIN 360

Why Successful Businesses are so Obsessed about their CRM

Bernard Kassab

I hear this a lot: we've got a CRM but we don't know if it's set up correctly. In this article, I'll take you through the main reasons that businesses invest in a CRM.

by Bernard KassabUcidity

What is in it for you, in 2021/2022 Federal Budget?

Leo Colgar

This month, I like to talk about some details from 2021 Federal Budget. We will focus on the immediate effects, rather than deepest technical details.

  • 1. Personal income tax changes
  • 2. Changes affecting business taxpayers
  • 3. Superannuation related changes

by Leo ColgarBright Accounting and Taxation Services

The application of big data to microcredit risk control

Ms Wan Jiaqi (Jacquelyn)

Nonbank online lenders are making more microloans than commercial banks nowadays. The microfinance institutions worldwide serve more than 70 million borrowers and a total loan portfolio estimated at AUD $40 billion in 2019(Microcredit Summit).

This trend will only continue to accelerate in the 2020s due to the dramatically increased amount of individual consumer loans. Thanks to advanced network technology, conforming loans are now so easy to make that online lenders have been able to outcompete banks on speed and ease of approval.

by Ms Wan Jiaqi (Jacquelyn)DaNuhai Consulting

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