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How to Create a Thriving Workplace that will Meet 2021 Needs

Roger Amir
Roger Amir

Now is the time to kick off your new workplace planning.

Reconnect your staff back with the office

To build stronger synergy and facilitate dynamic face-to-face interactions 2020 has changed the workplace like nothing before, for the first time in our lives the Government has told us not to come into our workplace but to work remotely.

No one was ready for this. Humans are social creatures, we like interacting and working with each other in a social environment, suddenly, we were stuck at home trying to work from home on our own without the resources we are used to in our office.

This has had led to a heavy reliance to technology that was not there, most people just had their home internet or mobile hotspot and now suddenly, they had to connect to office networks, access applications and tools all from home. People started to use video conferencing, as they still needed to continue business face to face, but soon people turned their cameras off due to the fact they may have been in their casual clothing working from home. Software solutions like teams or zoom which some companies were previously only dabbling in became a necessity for doing business. Business etiquette reset, because people were expected to answer calls, emails, meetings, immediately and questions were asked why they were not available. Suddenly, the workplace went from going to work to always being at work and available but form your home.

People got use to this process and when restrictions eased, and when the workplace opened again there was reluctance for people to come back to the office/workplace. Businesses now must reconnect your staff back with the office/workplace.

Incorporate employee health and safety into your workplace design

Companies must now provide a safe workplace, totally different from the traditional workplace safety set up. Swipe and release photocopier/printers are now more common in the workplace, this will save people touching the surface on the machine.

Temperature monitoring, contact tracing, hand sanitisers, wearing of masks are now part of a daily routine. Every single company now have to produce new health and safety guidelines to include this. Technology has enabled us to do a lot of these things from, a building access method/lift access, where previously you may swipe your access card to now having your Identification and temperature checked upon entry. This all incorporates employee health and safety in case there is a breach, you can track and control the outbreak.

Optimise your space for employee engagement and productivity

Traditional workplace environments were open office plans, such as hot desks and being able to collaborate in groups whist working closely together. Due to social distancing requirements this does not exist anymore, and businesses had to re seat their employees to accommodate. The impact on productivity was huge, people could no longer work in groups, boardrooms could no longer accommodate their capacity due to social distancing. Companies are now looking for furniture to accommodate physical distancing, such as desks with high dividers or side by side desks which is the changing of the work place floor plan, whist relying on a partner to assist them with this. For the companies that will continue to have employees working from home from the "dinning table" this will now need to be converted to a proper desk environment to ensure a safety work place.

Create seamless flow between virtual and physical interactions

Employees are used to having a desk top computer at their desk and having face to face meetings, this has now changed to having a laptop computer and a camera, if you want to meet with someone you can no longer walk up to their desk or meet them in an office however we now have the tools to be able to hold a virtual meeting anywhere. Companies are looking for technology partners that can help them transition from physical to virtual.

Overcome Zoom-fatigue with real and safe employee interaction as companies are now having employees back into the office, businesses are having to create safe meeting areas that meet all Government guidelines and also provide a safe environment for your staff to collaborate. This means creating outside break out rooms etc whilst still having access to the technology such as Wi-Fi and interactive screens to still have their meetings face to face.

Future-proof your workspace for more inevitable change

2021 will all be about mobility how people can work from where ever they are and have the tools available for them. From laptops to small portable printers, workplaces have evolved to a flexible environment. Companies are now requiring technology partners to help them through this requirement whilst providing technology to future proof what's around the corner. Companies will now be more prepared for any future lockdowns and will be able to address active changes cause now they have dependable technology to do so.

Mitronics is in a unique and enviable position to help our customers and future customers into providing a safe and modern workplace through use of current technology and business processes which can help your business thrive in 2021 and beyond.

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