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Stay Ahead of Financial Services Changes with Mitronics Print Management

Roger Amir
Roger Amir

From legislation changes to the Banking Royal Commission, clients calls, to client presentations. There is an endless list of things for you to keep on top of and stay ahead of the competition, in the ever changing world of the financial services industry. And that's even before writing and printing off your latest Financial Services Guides (FSG), file notes and Statements of Advice (SOA) before your next client appointment.

Financial services is a long way away from going paperless, and like most industries there are many ways to save costs, and boost productivity with your print management.

So where do you start?

If you work in financial planning, advising or stockbroking you'll appreciate that thorough personal advice, modelling different scenarios, researching, etc. is very time consuming and attention to detail is critical.

But when was the last time your office analysed their own internal workings to work out exactly how long things take, to help you save time in the back office, save money on printing and work out if you are charging clients accordingly?

  • Do you know how long it takes to print, scan and file for the average client?
  • Do you know how long it takes from the moment you first meet a client, to when you give them their advice?
  • Do you know how long it takes for you and your office staff, to prepare for a client's quarterly or bi-annual review?
  • Do you know where your 'blind bottlenecks' are or where your business is being slowed down?

These are just some of the things Mitronics can help you with. Just like you advise that all clients have a good financial adviser, to guide them through their financial decisions, every office needs to get in a print solution expert, to recommend a smarter way to manage their back office.

'Times are a changin'

The new Banking Code of Practice was recently approved by the corporate regulator, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), with the new framework to come into force next July (2019).
Next up, the Banking Royal Commission, which will wrap up and hand down their findings in March 2019.

Did you know that many leading advisory firms, are in the midst of preparing for these changes to come into affect or they have already prepared for some changes. So, it's not too late for you to make some essential changes as well.

Mitronics can help you stay ahead of the Royal Commission and legislation changes, so you can charge clients the right amount, remain profitable but save time and money by bolstering your systems.

After we have identified 'blind bottlenecks', and analysed your systems, we can recommend the best scenarios for your office, to save you time and money and make sure you are charging clients accordingly.

We have everything from the world's fastest printers, to all in one solutions, such as a Managed Print Service (MPS) for medium to large companies, or we can find you a tailored solution for your office.

Either way, our solutions will significantly save you precious time and bolster your daily workflow from:

  • Scanning clients documents for compliance with ease.
  • Printing those 100 page Statement of Advice (SOAs) or 15 page Financial Services Guides (FSGs) lighting fast.
  • Writing file notes remotely. The process can now be digitised too, if you have the right software.
  • Filing client data. Client files can now be scanned at the click of a button and digitised too, using a data-capture system, that extracts, archives and stores information securely online, where you want, without you even having to tell it where to go... so the files go straight to the right spot of your central management system (CMS).
  • Staying ahead of Auditing. Don't let external auditing be a nightmare. If you have an MPS you can enjoy the auditing process and make it a dream. You'll even have the confidence to step out for coffee.

Ensure you and your team remain ahead of the game, stay on top of client cases, reduce inefficiency, save your office time and money. Make your business more productive and profitable.

Contact Mitronics to see how we assist your company find the right solution for you.

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