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Robert Theodoridis
Robert Theodoridis

Have you ever thought of someone and at that exact moment you receive a phone call from them? Or maybe you're driving in your car and thinking of a song and it starts playing on the radio? Or perhaps you haven't seen a friend for quite some time and as your having a coffee at the place you normally meet, you coincidently bump into them.

Is it really coincidence?

I thought I would break the 'norm' and write about something that is meaningful to everyone on this planet, but also has a significant link to my profession. We all know that without the Sun's radiant energy there would be no life on Earth. But would you believe me if I told you, that your thoughts and the vibrations you give into the universe can alter an outcome, attract what your feeling or even trigger a thought in someone's mind.

One of my earlier articles I wrote about Nikola Tesla and how this man changed the course of humanity. One of Tesla's most famous quotes were:

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

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So, what does this all mean? What is energy, vibration and frequency?

The whole universe is made up of energy. The energy on earth is not only beneficial, but also essential to all living cells whether human, plant or animal. Every thought that conjures in your mind is made up of energy and that energy whether it be positive or negative, is transmitted into the universe at different frequencies.

Have a think about your circle of family or friends right now. Is there someone that comes to mind that you absolutely love being around? Is this person so addictive you want to be around them all the time and when your around them they make you feel good? I know plenty of people in my life who posses this and it's because they have a 'positive' energy which in turn is sending the right frequency and vibration into the universe for others to tune in to. Constructive use (positive use) of this energy raises the consciousness of man and in turn raises his or her vibration rate or frequency. Every individual has a different rate of vibration. It's like tuning into 103.2fm and wanting to listen to rock, however the right frequency for this is 104.9fm - different frequencies for different outcomes. It works the same way for your mind. You must tune your mind to the same frequency as your wishes, in-order for them to reach you.

Everything in the universe moves and vibrates - everything is vibrating at one speed or another. Nothing rests. Everything you see around you is vibrating at one frequency or another and so are you.

The earth is based on physics. All the greatest inventions started from a 'thought'. What you project into the universe is what you will attract into your life. This applies for relationships, the ultimate job, your grades, people in your life and the list goes on.

Proper use of this energy has proven to heal, to reduce stress, fatigue and to grow both physically and spiritually. The universe is always willing to provide you with everything that you desire, and this is no secret.

But what if it's not working? If it isn't working for you, it may be because you haven't allowed the possibility of this phenomenon into your life and reach its full potential. The important part of the process of this attraction is; energy, frequency and vibration. You must be in the right frame of mind to receive what you ask for and have a routine to train your mind what you want and demand of it daily. We remember to eat on a daily-basis so feeding your mind with positivity is no different.

If this weren't real, do you think people like Tesla would waste time on such a thing? After all, the human body is made up of electricity and energy is in all of us. It exists and there's no harm in trying this - it costs nothing so what do you have to lose!

Like anything, this won't happen overnight and takes time - some more than others. It all begins with having a positive mind set. Life can get the better of us at times through work, stress and relationships. However, start with getting rid of the negative vibes around you. A great place to start is to read books on this topic, to get a better understanding and be mindful of toxic foods as this can affect the chemicals in your brain.

The universe is waiting to unleash its power for you, will you find the key?

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