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What Does Your Personal Brand Say About You?

Chris Underwood
Chris Underwood

In business, our look sends out an important message to others about ourselves. Are we conservative, attentive to detail, creative, edgy, trendy, traditional? Take a moment and think about what your look says about you, and how you would like to present your personal style. Just like branding of a business, your personal look is your brand – your unique style. Keeping an eye on fashion and trends can help you develop your own style and keep it current.

Catwalks showcase the very latest in clothing and accessories. Although trends are an ever-changing dance it keeps us fresh, is fun and lets us express our individuality. At the moment, the layered look is in with stackable jewellery shimmering down the runway. Stackable bracelets and bangles sparkle on the wrist in an array of designs, offering the option to put our own colours and looks together. Then there is the charm of Pandora – putting special meanings on our wrists, reminding us of important people and moments in our lives. Chains and pendants can be layered, twisting and flowing to complement matching charms and earrings. Stackable rings tie the entire look together and offer the flexibility to change combinations daily, while being as individual as each one of us are. How much fun is this process? Amazing brands enable us, piece by piece, to create our dream looks.

Anything goes now when it comes to metals. People are pulling out their yellow gold again and mixing it with silver and rose metals from new collections. The Pandora stackable ring collection recently expanded to include Pandora Rose giving us the choice of a lovely coppery pink to combine with sparkling silver, and the richness of 14 carat yellow gold. The new Ziro rings have finally delivered the slick black look men have been asking for for years. Quality brands are now offering affordable, individualized looks while keeping us on-trend.

Interestingly, despite many of us being addicted to personal mobile phones, watches continue to be popular. Frankly ladies and gentlemen, if you don’t have 5 or more watches in your collection – you have work to do! Styling work that is. If you are wearing a 10 year old watch – take a stroll to your local jeweller on your lunch break. Rose watches have increased in popularity and are becoming quite the trend. Mixed with titanium, silver and navy blue, the combination very much represents class and sophistication. Quality watches are available at affordable prices in stylish, beautiful designs with sapphire crystal faces, slim solar styles, carefully woven mesh, and even come packaged with limited lifetime warranties. Why not update your collection and, like other jewellery, wear a different watch each day to suit your look and express your personal style.

A watch can say it all with a deep, shimmery, powerful, navy blue. That rich, slick corporate-sharp colour shouts out its message at a glance, giving impact to a Boardroom entrance. This corporate powerhouse of a colour not only makes a statement in professional clothing, but is inching its way into accessories as well. Major international watch brands are leading the way with global styles that range from slightly edgy, to a more conservative executive feel and touching on everything in between.

The array of watch brands to choose from is endless. Bering delivers elegance in thin, streamlined, simple watch designs. Thomas Sabo is setting new trends with startlingly beautiful striped, multi-coloured mesh bands that cannot keep up with demand.

True traditionalists can tell their personal story with watches such as the Classique pocket watch, featuring the quality of precision-made Swiss movements. Whatever your personal style is, it can be enhanced and visually presented to showcase the real you in a way that may have been understated for years.

There are other ways to express your own style. Quality writing instruments, note books and USB keyrings by brands such as Hugo Boss set high standards in corporate elegance. Matching colours, leathers and designs make beautiful corporate gifts and add personal finesse for stylish execution.

When considering your personal brand and what you want to say by the way you present yourself, consider what could use updating or a little polish. Could a specialist be of help with colours, style and design? What accessories could effectively express who you are? Style specialists can offer selection and professional advice.        Whether we spend time and thought on it or not, we each have a personal brand. Make sure yours says what you want it to.

Underwood Jewellers have 2 convenient locations in Parramatta. Our designers, master jewellers and style consultants would be pleased to assist in the development of your look and style. Valuations and custom crafted jewellery is our speciality. Call us for an appointment at your convenience.

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