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Building the Basics of your Jewellery Collection

Chris Underwood
Chris Underwood

When it comes to Jewellery, there are classic, timeless pieces that go anywhere and can be considered basic essentials. The following is a Top 10 can't-go-wrong gift list of Jewellery that will build the basis of an interchangeable, practical and refined Jewellery collection. With this you can step out and make a statement or quickly and easily slip on basics that fit into many fashion looks.

1. Diamond Earrings
Simple diamond studs are suitable day and night, for both dressy and casual wear and are extremely durable. This tough gemstone will endure constant wear and continue to shine brilliantly. Sizes and qualities vary greatly but no matter what the choice is, a touch of sparkle on the ear is always magical and prized in a collection. Diamond earrings are a dream gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

2. Diamond Pendant
A diamond pendant goes hand in hand with diamond earrings. Diamond pendants can be delicate looks and are well-suited to be positioned directly against the skin. With diamonds, any size radiates sparkle and is guaranteed to be timeless. A diamond pendant often says less is more to the observer - a great gift choice.

3. Gold Chain
A strong gold chain with a shimmery finish such as an open diamond cut curb link design in a 42 to 45cm length will last well and look great with many styles of pendants. This length will position a pendant where it is visible and looks effective against the skin. Some chains have adjustable lengths. This is a great feature so any pendant can be positioned where it looks best to suit the outfit and the person.

4. Gold Hoops
From blue jeans to party dresses, gold hoops are fun and peek out from behind longer hair. They go-anywhere, are timeless and easy. Hoops are always in fashion. It is sizes that fade in and out of popularity - fluctuating from looping around and touching the shoulder to hugging the ear. Coin sized hoops are the in-between version we can all use. Like a lick of lipstick it is fail safe - all we need to finish our look and be dressed and ready to go in moments.

5. Classic Bangle
Smooth and simple, a bangle will complement a charm bracelet, a watch, a layered look, a linked bracelet or just be a classic look on its' own. Oval shaped bangles can fit closer to the wrist for comfort. Solid bangles are extremely durable and simple styles never date. Bangles are the perfect mix and match accessory.

6. Stackable Rings
Fine parallel bands sit smoothly against many styles of rings. They bring layers to the look on your hand. Add silver, yellow or white gold stackables to suit your metal colour on the day. A sprinkle of diamond in a fine band will draw the eye to the stack or highlight a larger feature ring. Smooth or carved textures create contrast. Stackable rings bring versatility to a collection that pulls an entire look together.

7. Pearl Studs
Pearl studs transform a look taking us from simple and casual to simple and elegant. They are a choice that goes with anything and adds a touch of class. The natural shimmer of nacre captures and reflects light to accentuate how beautiful we are next to nature's creation. Pull back your hair, slip on your jeans and pop in your pearls for a natural look that hints to your inner elegance and appreciation of natural beauty.

8. Pearl Necklet
Pearls are synonymous with elegance. A strand of pearls are an unmistakable indicator of a special occasion. Simply put - they dress up a look. The quality of cultured pearls has dramatically improved over the years making lovely options available in a wide range of prices. That being said, it can take decades to create a perfectly matched strand of pearls with a price to reflect that. This staple part of a jewellery collection is often handed down from generation to generation.

9. Long Necklet
A long necklace is versatile. By itself, it becomes a singular focus that creates an illusion of greater vertical length. You just may seem a little taller! Add a pendant and it becomes the trend of the day. Twist and double the necklet to change the look. Layer chains and necklets of different lengths to make a statement and express your own style. Length makes necklets perfect for winter wear on top of clothing.

10. Cocktail Ring
Bring sizzle to your collection with colour and a big look on your hand. There is an array of startlingly beautiful natural coloured gemstones. Explore the possibilities - you will be surprised by amazing options. Go bold, go beautiful, with styles and colours that are as individual as you are.

Jewellery is an expression of who we are, what we like, how we live. Build your collection so you have the pieces that enable you to be true to your own style and story.

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