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Anniversaries. Will your gift stand the test of time?

Chris Underwood
Chris Underwood

Anniversaries are those special occasions that are perfect to celebrate with a jewellery gift. Jewellery is a keepsake, a symbol of love, a continual reminder of the relationship and a gift that lasts for future generations to enjoy and cherish. There are traditional Jewellery gift guides but it really is all about what will make you happy.

To make shopping easy, silver collections from amazing brands such as Pandora offer high quality, affordable luxury with a remarkable selection that is in demand and much loved. Starting prices are well under $100. Sets are packaged, taking the guess work out of what to choose. Pandora will always be beautifully boxed, wrapped, ribboned and bagged for an impressive presentation. This is a 'can't go wrong' gift.

Anniversaries are often celebrated with a focus on gemstones over brands. Sapphires are Corundum - beautiful, colourful gemstones rating high on the MOH's scale of hardness. Blue is the most typical and popular colour but fancy sapphires also occur in yellow, orange, black, green, purple, white, brown, pink and grey. Lady Diana's engagement ring was made up of a 12 carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire set in 18 karat white gold. Reports suggest that today it would have an approximate value of $540,600. Design features of her ring have influenced the current design of choice with a halo of diamonds surrounding the centre gemstone. One of the most spectacular sapphires in the world is The Star of India that was mined in Sri Lanka 300 years ago. It weighs 563.35 carats (golf-ball size) and can be seen in New York at the American Museum of Natural History. Sapphires continue to be in demand and are a lovely choice for an anniversary gift.

MOHs' Scale of Hardness

MOHs' scale of mineral hardness is named after Friedrich Mohs, a mineralogist who invented a scale of hardness based on the ability of one mineral to scratch another. There are 10 minerals in Mohs' scale.

Mineral Hardness
Talc 1
Gypsum 2
Calcite 3
Fluorite 4
Apatite 5
Orthoclase 6
Quartz 7
Topaz 8
Corundum 9
Diamond 10

Emerald is a variety of the mineral beryl and its intense green colour is commonly caused by traces of chromium. It sits at 7.5 on the MOHs' Scale of Hardness so it is not as resilient as some other gemstones. Emeralds make spectacular dress rings that are best worn occasionally. Dating back to 1965, the Mogul Mughal Emerald is one of the largest emeralds ever recorded measuring 10cm and weighing 217 carats. It sold in 2001 for $2.2 million at auction.

Another popular choice for anniversaries are rubies. This tough gemstone from the Corundum variety of minerals is perfect for daily wear - the next hardest natural gemstone to diamonds. They range from pink to blood red in colour and are often used to celebrate and symbolize 15 and 40 years of marriage. High quality rubies can exceed the price of diamonds - but they are spectacular! The most expensive coloured gemstone ever sold at auction is a ruby. A Burmese ruby sold for $30 million earlier this year. But don't let that worry you - you probably don't need one that big. Lovely ruby and diamond jewellery pricing can start under $1,000.

Diamonds remain the most popular gemstone in an eternity or anniversary jewellery gift. The sparkle never fades. Diamonds are the hardest of natural gemstones rating 10 on the MOHs' scale. Set in classic styles, they are timeless, stunning and highly prized. No wonder they are handed down from generation to generation. Even well-made jewellery dating back to the 1870s is being worn as precious family wedding jewellery.

Your anniversary is on its' way and a gift of jewellery will no doubt be well-received. So choose well - it certainly has the potential to outlive you.

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