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CHRISTMAS: Jewellery Gift Giving Made Easy How to Choose Well

Chris Underwood
Chris Underwood

Jewellery is a popular gift at Christmas time but how to choose can be challenging. Here are some tips so you can align just the right gift for just the right person and also get the most for your money.

Everyone Loves Them!
Diamond earrings are a no-lose choice. They hold value, are resilient, look great with everything and are a WOW!! factor gift. Starting price for small gold solitaire diamond earrings are under $200. Larger, high quality diamonds drive pricing upwards from there.

Cluster diamond earrings can deliver bigger looks for much less cost than large single diamond earrings. Clusters can be quite spectacular and halo designs are very much the fashion of the day.

For smaller budgets, gold earrings set with cubic zirconium gemstones are effective looks that imitate diamonds. Silver with a white gold finish (rhodium plated) and cubic zirconium gemstone options start for as little as $29 in reliable, quality brands such as ELLANI. Quality of manufacturing and warranties vary so deal with a reputable jeweller and brand.

Great Bang for your Buck
Jewellery sets are great value! Popular brands and established jewellers often offer beautifully packaged, matching pieces of quality jewellery at reduced package pricing going into Christmas. You will find it quick, simple and affordable with plenty of styles and price range options to choose from. Gifts such as the latest in sterling silver sparkling gemstone earrings with a matching pendant are often beautifully packaged, wrapped and ready for you to pop under the tree.

PEARLS:  Timeless Gift
Pearls are naturally occurring organic gemstones created by living creatures. So there are many variations, some of which are quite beautiful. Value and pricing of pearls is measured by a combination of factors. Those factors are partly objective with personal preference also playing a role.

Lustre & Surface: Look for how light bounces off pearls. Higher quality pearls are bright and shiny – a measure of brilliance and reflectivity. A smooth surface is also a feature of higher quality pearls.
Size: The size of a pearl has a direct bearing on price. Larger pearls command higher prices.
Colour:    There are a large range of pearl colours. Pearls in the same colour category can have much different looks and hues due to overtones. Colour choice is as individual as the person so here are some fashion comments that may be helpful:
• Pinks are currently making a fashion splash with soft colour mixes and classic styles
• White and cream colours are elegant and timeless
• Black Tahitian pearls say sophistication and luxury.
Shape: Pearls come in a wide range of interesting and unique shapes and in a variety of qualities. Perfectly round pearls are quite rare and therefore are relatively expensive.

POPULAR BRANDS: Exciting & Fun to Both Give & Receive
Major brands such as PANDORA and THOMAS SABO are presented by professional teams that are experts at helping you style and select meaningful gifts. Charms personalize necklets, bracelets and bangles to capture memorable moments. Sparkling Christmas-themed pieces are fun, colourful, collectable treasures that become part of seasonal jewellery attire. A little package of sparkle goes a long way, bringing excitement and anticipation. Secret Santa and special-meaning gifts can be as little as $30.

For that “Hard-to-Buy-For” Person
Why not give him or her a quality writing instrument that they just would not spend the money on for themselves. Smooth to write with, elegant, stylish and beautifully packaged – great brands such as HUGO BOSS are all class. Usable and reloadable. The gift of a fine pen does not typically go un-used and gather dust. Matching notebooks and compendiums are also available for smart, professional use. Branded USBs and keyrings are added luxuries. Starting at $129, this type of range are well-received and practical gifts.

Summer collections of uni-sex pendants have just been released. Innovative pieces such as a black bullet with a twist off top, rose and black dog tags that look sharp and on trend and cross styles that  are stand-outs for the price - under $120 with the chain. Italian leather bracelets are hitting shelves at pricing under $100. Some of the latest sterling silver designs are presenting with matching cuff, ring and dog tag. Classic, simple cuff links are a go-to in professional and evening wear wardrobes. Men and women’s pocket and pendant watches are a special gift that many people don’t yet have in their collections.

An interesting item that many of us could use is a pendant ring holder. When you need to take your ring off your finger, not lose it and keep it close to your heart – you can slip it onto this loop pendant where it sits flat and comfortably, appearing to be a pendant rather than your ring hanging on a chain. This innovative piece of jewellery has a twist-on system to slip your ring through so it is secure. They are available in silver and gold, large or small, simple versions and diamond set.

Don’t forget to check for retired watch and jewellery collections. There is often terrific value to be found at amazing prices across all brands and products.

SHOPPING: Wrapping it Up
Gift wrapping is a service that quality jewellers are happy to provide. Also ask your jeweller about their Christmas gift exchange policy, what finance options are available, the warranty period that applies and if they offer a free cleaning service on the products they sell.

Now that has to be Christmas made easy!

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