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Corporate Gifts Saying Thank You and Farewell with Grace

Chris Underwood
Chris Underwood

Gifts are an unspoken yet integral part of the corporate workplace. Whether it be ‘thank you’ tokens for another years’ hard work, a ‘congratulations on your engagement’ basket or a ‘sorry you’re leaving’ present, thoughtful gift-giving can be a challenge at the best of times. Done right, however, it can have lasting brand impact as well as deliver the genuine appreciation and acknowledgement intended.

Sometimes we are taking a moment just for someone special in our organisation. There are endless gift possibilities. However, the gift and the way the gift is presented are important. Here are a few ideas that can make that gift-giving moment special and memorable.

Logo-emblazoned gifts such as lockets, rings and cuff links are reminders of the organisation, of the people we work alongside day after day and of the value of our contribution. Signet rings, unusual bands such as those made from black zirconium and many other jewellery items are ideal to illustrate company logos. Themed cufflinks and pendants are interesting alternatives that can reflect your industry and that are novel gifts.

An elegant gift option for both men and women are gold, silver and gemstone pins that can be positioned in a jacket lapel. These are timeless pieces of jewellery that hold value, are subtle but stylish and available in a broad price range to suit your budget. For something really left of field, consider personalised golf markers for that upcoming team golf tournament. Golfing is a traditionally well-loved part of corporate living, and although it isn’t technically ‘work related’ (unless you run a golfing business, of course!), why not celebrate some of your team’s fondest memories relaxing and achieving together?

A sophisticated HUGO BOSS pen, compendium and notebook are luxuries people often would like but don’t treat themselves to.

PANDORA is an ideal gift to express your gratitude and company values. PANDORA classic bracelets and bangles also offer a wide range of charms that say everything from ‘Thank You’ to ‘You Sparkle’. Matching earrings, rings and pendants provide endless extension gifts. The PANDORA ESSENCE range is a light, elegant little bracelet that’s just a little different from the classical PANDORA collection, with their own selection of additive charms that carry meaningful inscriptions such as ‘dedication’, ‘challenge’, ‘achievement’ and more. ESSENCE charm prices start from as little as $30. No matter what a valued employee may already have in their PANDORA collection, a personalised gift is guaranteed to be a cherished part of the corporate experience.

THOMAS SABO is another desirable and recognisable brand which is known for its superb craftsmanship and fresh sophistication. The $49 starting price point makes this brand ideal for team gifts. It offers an extensive range of trendy customisable charm bracelets, pendants, rings and signature earrings in a variety of colours and styles.  A classic option for those hard-to-buy gents’ gifts is an elegant, quality watch. THOMAS SABO offer German design, anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass and Myota OS2A quartz movement – guaranteed quality that represents the high standards of your business. Stainless steel, gold-Infused and cool-toned metallic finishes offer a wide style and price range to suit any occasion.

A watch by the reputable Danish company BERING is another option. Less showy than THOMAS SABO, these watches are perhaps better suited to a simpler, streamlined, classic look. BERING watches are ultra-practical, hard-wearing, are smart and elegant and also have the benefit of engraving space on the back. Every BERING watch comes with a lifetime mechanism manufacturing warranty.

For that boss who has it all, a completely customisable ring from INFINITY may be the way to go. Usually specialising in wedding bands, INFINITY rings are designed for the individual, and built to last. Sliced whole from a seamless tube, these rings have no weak points - a quality design feature with the added bonus of metaphorical resonance. Size, finish, width, metal and design features are all up for negotiation, with the added bonus of free engraving, lifetime manufacturing warranty and a ‘comfort fit’ guarantee. INFINITY rings can be made in gold, silver, platinum, titanium, black zirconium and set with diamonds. These timeless pieces start from as little as $295.

Keep in mind that extra personal touches can take a little more time to create. So plan in advance and expect up to a four week turnaround if you’re looking to get something custom-made just for you. A thoughtful gift, whether modest or grand, that is expertly packaged will be well-received and become a valued keepsake. Visit a team that will professionally package and gift wrap for an unforgettable presentation.

Consider a quality jeweller for options, a splash of innovation and touches that make the perfect gift for your purpose. A little gift can go a long way. Whatever your budget, timeframe or expectations are, Underwood Jewellers have the tools and know-how to help you create powerful, unforgettable moments and lasting impressions of your business and brand. An expert in corporate giving can help you to design a gift program, or put together affordable staff Christmas gift options to deliver your message of appreciation effectively without the fuss. Visit Underwood Jewellers for a portfolio of corporate gift options and work with a reputable manufacturing jeweller for that refined touch. 

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