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Upcoming Jewellery Trends

Chris Underwood
Chris Underwood

Getting your look right is in the detail. If you’re looking for that something extra special, glowing, peachy tones in precious jewels that set off any skin tone are all the rage this season.  For trendy, staple pieces for the season, brands such as Thomas Sabo deliver jewellery accessories to complement both business and casual looks and send the message that speaks of polish, thoughtfulness and sophistication.

Pink gemstones
Everyone is talking about Morganite, the beautiful soft-pink stone that looks so stunning set in rose gold and surrounded by a splash of diamonds.

A few things to know if you are thinking of purchasing a Morganite piece of your very own:

It is a variety of the mineral Beryl, with a hardness on the Mohs hardness scale of 7.5 to 8 which means that it is approximately eight times softer than diamond. 1The hardness of a gemstone, and where it sits on this scale is a good thing to consider when purchasing jewellery, and particularly so when choosing a ring (which is exposed to a substantial amount of daily wear and tear). For this reason, a more delicate stone like Morganite can become dull with frequent use and is best suited to earrings, pendants and dress rings that are worn occasionally.

If you love the colour of Morganite but would prefer something you can wear every day, such as a fresh and modern engagement ring, take a look at pink sapphire or pink diamonds. Pink sapphires range in colour from demure light peach to hot bubble gum pink. They have become more widely available since new deposits were found in Madagasgar in the late 1990s and are quite affordable.

Pink diamonds are spectacular, but so is the price. A pink diamond is approximately 20 times more valuable than its white diamond equivalent. The most valuable gem the world has ever seen is a pink diamond – the Graff pink – is a whopping 24.78 carat Fancy Intense Pink classified diamond which sold at auction in 2010 for over USD $46 million.

If you are considering investing in a spectacular forever piece, sitting down with a qualified jeweller, diamond grader, gemmologist or valuer can take you through the possibilities and fascinating world of gem colour.

A Sneak Preview of Spring Fashion
Long chains and sizable pendants continue to be impactful on the jewellery fashion scene. An early preview of the August 2017 release by leading jewellery designer  Thomas Sabo presents the meaningful family tree in a new elegant style to complement both business-ready and dressy looks. Chokers and exaggerated, dangling earrings are also making a comeback.

Thomas Sabo are also in a class of their own when it comes to style, quality and innovative design for men. In business, formal is fading for men as the world changes to a more relaxed view of work attire. In our warm Australian climate, constricting ties are often left in the closet. A jacket with an open shirt is perfectly acceptable, particularly with smart-fitting, quality fabrics that are carefully pressed.  A crisp white shirt with black slacks and black jacket create a timeless air of sophistication and style. Colours can work well and be a little more casual than classic black or silver. Comfortable clothing with style and finesse can be perfectly suited to many corporate environments such as a black t-shirt under a jacket, black jeans and the latest designs in a black shoe.

An interesting development with this watch collection includes styles with a crown on the opposite side – on the left. It sits under the cuff for a cleaner look on the wrist. It is no longer just women who switch up their daytime look to a night time look. Men are starting to select an understated watch, complementing it with a trendy beaded bracelet for the office. For one of the most on-trend combinations right now, match your watch with a black obsidian bead or plaited leather bracelet.

For those who are daring, the evening brings an added feature necklet and layered beaded bracelets for an edgy look.
A little experimentation will help you find your comfort level with changing trends and keep your look up to date no matter your age, budget or preferences.  Consulting with a qualified jeweller can help you to elevate your personal style to a level that is fresh and current, yet still lasting and uniquely you.

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