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What Will you Wear for the Rest of Your Life?

Chris Underwood
Chris Underwood

The moment arrives and you know, you’ve found the right person to spend the rest of your life with. And so it begins. The venue, the invitations, the dress, the music, the menu, the photography, the cake, the napkins, the parties, the fun! And then, in an instant, it’s over. All of it becoming part of the beautiful memory of one of the most important days of your life. Choosing your partner is a fork-in-the-road decision that connects families, continues blood lines and expands our support system.

Of all these exciting elements, there is one that lasts like no other. It continues on to be a daily part of life, and then a part of our children’s lives and the lives of their children after that. The jewellery selected for that special day is worn day-in and day-out, connecting a couple until death do them part. It is a statement of personal style, trends of the day, personal significance and remains a constant through the entire experience of married life. It is not uncommon for these pieces of jewellery to be passed on from generation to generation. Unlike other aspects of the wedding day, rings need to stand the test of time. A couple’s engagement and wedding rings are a lasting precious memory. So what is important to consider when making that choice?

There are a multitude of options with the internet opening the world market for design. Local retail design jewellers that manufacture can customise a design just for you. Some key considerations when making an engagement ring purchase:

•    Will the ring be made to last? Light and fragile is not a timeless choice.

•    Does the style of the ring suit your lifestyle? For example, a high setting with claws may not work well for a nurse who must be putting on and removing gloves all day!

•    Is there a reputable business to stand behind the quality of the ring?

•    Are you getting good value for money? A little research goes a long way. Take some time with an expert (a qualified jeweller and Registered Valuer) to look closely at and understand the differences between diamonds.

•    Are you confident the gemstone is genuinely what has been presented to you?
Is there certified documentation for assurance of what you are buying?

•    Does your ring come with a valuation by a Registered Valuer? It takes years of study to become a Registered Valuer. Their reputation depends on following professional standards and effectively applying their extensive knowledge. The seal of a Registered Valuer will give you confidence in your purchase.

•    Consider specialty diamonds that add value and produce timeless, spectacular sparkle, bringing to life the very best in the gemstone. A diamond does not have to be large to be stunning and to hold its value. Consider an Astralis (Tolkowsky) diamond – designed by the world’s most celebrated diamond cutter from the 6th generation of the renowned Tolkowsky diamond dynasty. Take a look – the difference is in the sparkle.

•    Look at wedding ring styles when deciding on the engagement ring so you know that the overall look will still suit you.

•    Consider a simple, timeless engagement ring style combined with a fancier wedding ring.

The selection of wedding ring styles available for men is extensive now. Brands such as Infinity Rings offer precious metal choices such as white, rose and yellow gold, titanium, platinum, palladium and more. Consider a mix of metals, look at the types of finishes available and ask for a ‘Comfort Fit’. This is an option that is often overlooked. The inside of a band is shaped specifically and carefully for comfort with thickness made for longevity.
How much better does it get than a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty? Look for brands and jewellers that stand behind their products. Men will also be pleased to know they can change their minds. Brands like Infinity Rings will exchange your ring within two years of purchase for a more suitable style. Or you can choose to work closely with a design jeweller to create an unusual and themed wedding ring that has special meaning just for you. Your names and wedding date can even be engraved inside the band.

Wedding rings for women can be as simple as a fine band to extravagant with twists and swirls of sparkle. Make sure you take the time to find a great designer to show you a range of options. You may be surprised at how different an engagement ring will look with the finishing touch of a wedding band.

Choosing the rest-of-your-life ring is important for so many reasons. A beautiful, finely-crafted ring can become one that your granddaughter or great granddaughter holds on to, to keep you close to her heart always. Making the right choices now can not only serve you well for the rest of your life, but also determine what kind of treasure you leave behind for those we love.

For an appointment with a design expert, call the Underwood Jewellers Main Store in Parramatta at (02) 9689-1022. Underwood Jewellers are engagement ring design specialists, and also offer one of the largest selections of men’s wedding rings in NSW.

Our designers, master jewellers and style consultants would be pleased to assist in the development of your look and style. Valuations and custom crafted jewellery is our speciality. Call us for an appointment at your convenience.

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