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SUPAROO Paddle Boards

Stand Up Paddle Surfing has arrived! Today, it's is the fastest growing sport in the world – and more than that, it's a brand new healthy lifestyle activity that is accessible to a diverse range of age groups and physical conditioning levels. It's geared to both men and women, and all you need is a love of water and some Stand Up Paddle gear!

And now, SUPAROO has taken the SUP experience to another level by offering a wide range of lifestyle stand up paddle boards and accessories.

A little bit of history behind SUPAROO. The founder put himself on a SUP board back in 2009 for the first time – and instantly fell in love with the sport.

“This is one of life’s most addictive sports. You don’t need to have special skills to become a SUPer. I’m 49 but it’s like feeling 25 when you’re on the water even without prior experience.” - Dmitry Greku, Founder, SUPAROO

It took five boards, four years and about $10,000 in hard earned for SUPAROO founder to eventually get that perfect board. However, at SUPAROO we feel that it's absolutely essential to get this right from the start – both for enjoyment and for safety sake.

The key SUPAROO difference is that the boards are designed with the average person in mind. We have taken into account that the average person may not be in peak physical condition that is often a prerequisite to other water-based sports.

Our expertise will ensure that our clients go out on the water for the first time with the board that is tailored to their particular needs, fitness level and experience.

Furthermore, we also sell SUP accessories. The complete range of SUPAROO gear allows any enthusiast to be kitted out and ready to roll rather, than riding a board with mismatched fins, paddles and other accessories coming from an array of different suppliers.

We have also developed a model that allows customers to trade-in their older boards. Our clients can also come back to upgrade to a board that will suit their needs once they are more experienced and confident. For example, you may find that you prefer to ocean surf to flat water – or vice versa, at some stage.

The SUPAROO product is brand new on the Australian market. A rather interesting fact, our boards have managed to draw enough attention to warrant attempted theft from our warehouse – the first night our first shipment arrived to Sydney. We have had some good luck on our side, whereby storage clutter and a small padlock on a roller door managed to save us from a rather grim start.

As SUP's are recreational outdoor lifestyle products, we have quickly attracted interest from the car industry.

Rod Cullen, Dealer Principal of Lander Toyota in Sydney agrees. His company has linked up with SUPAROO to display our new range of SUPs.

“Lander Toyota has linked up with one of our good business partners to display their new range of Stand Up Paddle boards. The all new SUPAROO brand is not just an innovative board but it is a work of art in each design.

More importantly, the SUPAROO boards are built to be comfortable, stable and forgiving. This will help you to start enjoying SUPing from day one and become experienced and confident sooner. Generally SUP manufacturers build their top-end quality boards for professionals or very experienced surfers. This is not the case when you buy a board from SUPAROO. Their boards are designed for the average Joe – not just elite athletes. Just like Lander Toyota presents your best motoring solutions, SUPAROO is a leader in delivering a perfect solution for your SUPing enjoyment”, says Rod.

On the topic of eco-activities, SUPAROO has initiated the Clean Ocean Day Project. Individuals and organisations can participate in a program guaranteed to secure the future of oceans that embrace 80 per cent of the Planet.
Clean Ocean Day promotes a healthy marine environment. Its goals include rubbish collection in the water, educational and awareness activities and the vitality of pristine oceans and waterways.

Every time on the water with SUPAROO promises a good time. Sarah and James lauded their experience with SUPAROO boards as one eminently suitable for men and women: “Most stand-up paddlers can recall that first outing on a board. We certainly can and once tried, it’s never forgotten. But with a SUPAROO board you have to come back for more.”

A variety of SUPAROO boards will suit recreational cruising, fun family time, surfing, fitness, corporate team-building and on-water eco-activities. If you are interested to be a partner and participate in this exciting new venture, please contact SUPAROO today.

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