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How to Stay Cool This Summer

Farrukh Mirza
Farrukh Mirza

Following from my previous article, a lot of my clients and connections asked me for some styling tips for Summer. Here are some suggestions on how to look and be cool over the next few months when the temperature will stay from 25 to 40 degrees.

Choosing the right fabrics will help you dissipate heat better and cool down your body temperature well. It's even more important for those with sweat or body odour issues to pick the right fabrics, as the synthetic or non-natural choices will add to the discomfort and inconvenience. And certainly, it's a really bad look walking into meetings or catching up with friends with sweat patches under your armpits and around your collar.

Be mindful of your shoes as well, and invest in some quality lightweight socks in cotton-silk so they don't stink up your shoes, and use odour eliminating powders and perfumes as and when needed.

Choose lightweight pastel shades that complement your skin tone
Most colour stylists will agree that choosing soft pastels in blues, pinks and off-white are better choices than bright colourations like red, orange and yellow. These colours don't suit most people and can make you look worse by contrasting wildly with your skin tone and complexion.

For the European fair complexion, it can make them look too red or too pale depending on the choices. Ideally, the fabrics should match the eyes and the hair so they look more pleasing to the beholder. Clear White should be avoided unless it's matched in a subtle manner using accessories or items.

For the Asian, Pacific and South American complexion, it is best to wear earthy shades in linen and soft cotton as it accentuates the look of youthfulness. Tones in brown, burgundy, purple and green are highly recommended.

For the darker African complexion, it is best to wear off-white and camel shades along with soft pinks, lemons and greens. Although culturally it is valued to be bright, but based on style experts, it does little in improving the visual attraction.

Dress Down
Summer is meant to be a more relaxed state of mind, so it's highly advisable to dress down from the usual suiting. Most fashionistas will wear cropped chinos or cotton trousers matched with softer shades of blue, aqua, brown or turquoise. Wearing off-white or light denim will be a smart move as it allows you to wear a wider range of footwear to suit your lifestyle.

Wearing a smart polo or tee shirt is fine, provided it's matched with the right trousers or shorts.

Layer Up
Summer days may be hot, but the evening will cool up, especially if you're closer to the water in and around Sydney. Taking a soft shouldered half-lined jacket or soft-shell blazer will work to your styling for the evening. When you feel the heat, just take it off.

Our recommendations are Linen, Seersucker and Cotton jackets or even the Summer Superfine Merino Wool jackets in Super 160 - 220. These are more expensive than the Super 100 - 120 varieties, but have more silk and mohair to keep the weight light and easy care.

Use Texture
Textured fabrics add a level of complexity to a simple look and make people stand out with sophistication. Be it an open weave or a loop weave, or the criss-cross pattern of linen, it will make the colours pop and help you wear similar colours with ease.

Add Denim
Denim is the great leveller in summer and both washed and cut variations are suitable provided they are matched to the outfit and shoe correctly. Lighter denim in ice blue works really well with off-white, soft lemon, pink and baby blue shirts and tees. These will go well with the soft jackets, mentioned above.

You can also wear your denim jacket with your tees for a really casual look if needed.

Invest in Suede
Suede is the leather of choice for summer, be it brogues (formal) or slip on (casual). The rope stretch belts that are now in fashion, are also a good option as they are easy to wear and look smart with both shorts and trousers.

Add some Accessories
Lapel pins and pocket squares are a top option to add a classy touch of colour to your outfit. They work well with shoes and belts and can be a fun addition to your otherwise simple understated classy wear. Sunglasses, watches and hats are highly recommended.

Feel free to Roll Up
Shirt sleeves can be bought with side tabs so they hold the fold in place and the same can be applied to trousers. This is perfect if you want to dip your feet in the water at the beach or a pool party without having to dress down. These little details can make a garment stand out without the trying-too-hard feel.

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