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Why Now is the Best Time to Get Your Made-to-Measure Clothing?

Farrukh Mirza
Farrukh Mirza

"Clothes make the man. Naked men have little influence on society" - this is my favourite quote from Mark Twain, who was not only a good writer but a great observer of human behaviour and interaction.

Clothes give confidence, they add value to the personality of the wearer, and if done right, help you create your own individual style and purpose.

I get continually asked, when is the best time to order clothing for oneself? The answer that I give is May and June are the best months of the year to organise your clothing for the whole year.

Winter is coming - time to recycle and upgrade.
As we enter into Autumn, the weather gets cooler making us reach out for the winter coat or an extra layer of clothing. For most men and women, this is probably the time of the year when you start getting your winter clothes out of storage, and recycle and upgrade. Get rid of the clothes that are starting to stretch, or pill, or fade and invest in something that's on trend and actually fits you well.

The modern suits are a more-fitted deeper cut look than the loose hanging suits being sold seven to ten years ago. It's good to save, but not at the cost of ruining your self-brand by wearing outdated clothes.

New fabrics in stock
Most of the leading clothiers and manufacturers like Ermenegildo Zegna and Loro Piana release their Spring-Summer 2018 and Autumn Winter 2017 selections (we are six months ahead for Winter and six months behind for Summer from Northern Hemisphere.

So, what will be in trend later in the year in Europe and North America is available for shoppers in the Southern Hemisphere. At Azrim, we stock the latest fabrics following Pitti Uomo (global menswear fashion event) which enables us to be on-trend with the best in suiting and shirting from leading Italian fashion houses.

End of Financial Year (end June 2017)
This is another major factor to consider, especially if you're an accountant, lawyer, financier or real estate. The EOFY is the time when you reconcile your tax returns for the year and end up paying or claiming back on your business and corporate expenses.

Clothing can be claimed from 50 to 100% back on tax returns, depending on the industry and profession, and we can provide clothes for individuals and companies to suit their brand, purpose and profile.

The best reason is the savings - when you buy now you can spend but be reimbursed within a month rather than waiting for a whole year to claim it back. Treat it like any other asset you'd purchase for your business. Even more so, if you're one of those who's spending time in front of clients and prospects, closing deals or representing your firm or company.

Do talk to me directly on this, as I can guarantee 50% returns and in some cases up to 100% by preparing the right invoice so ATO will have no issues whatsoever.

Donate and Save with The Smith Family clothes recycle drive in partnership with Azrim
This year I am getting behind The Smith Family - a children's non-profit that recycles clothes to provide services and support to children across Sydney. They urgently need clothes which will help them raise funds and continue providing support to the children from poor, domestic abuse or drug abuse families.

We will be visiting offices in the CBD and across Sydney to do a Lunch & Learn where we get to share a bit about the charity and what they do. For every individual that donates clothing, I will offer a $100 off Made-to-Measure Suit Voucher as a Thank You .

Perfect time to wear and enjoy the clothes you buy
The crisp air and the winter sun is the perfect combination to enjoy good suits and jackets and shirts in Sydney and Australia. Coming into summer, most people can't wear these garments to their satisfaction as they do now. It is now that people visit indoor places more which leads them to be not only layered but more active socially, be it at the local club, or an event or an evening get-together.

His and Her collection
Just a simple reminder that we do offer made-to-measure for both men and women, which means these suggestions apply just as much to women as men. If you're someone who hates shopping and wants something personalised to your taste and style, we are the clothier for you.

We come to your home or office by appointment and have your garments made and delivered within 3 to 4 weeks, without you having to spend more than an hour with us. This is the absolute convenience, and we are 40 to 50% cheaper than retail for the same quality of garment made as we manufacture and ship directly with no additional overheads.

We are known for Innovation having won the Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence in that category, for our Best Fit Guarantee process, and 98% accuracy on finished garments.

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