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Improve Your Personal Brand by Dressing Up for Success

Farrukh Mirza
Farrukh Mirza

Personal branding is a cumulative exercise of making effort on a regular basis to improve your brand with your own hands. It is what you're worth and what people say about you when you're not in the room.

Remember This - You have less than  seven seconds to make a good first impression, and the fastest most cost-effective and simplest way is through good clothes that reflect your personality and standards. Well-dressed people are perceived to be nine times more successful than those that are not.

Improving your personal brand is not about spending thousands but making the right choices. If you're not presentable to others, then it can imply negative traits such as laziness, poor self-worth, lack of confidence, depression and sign of failure.  

Grooming and Hygiene: Removing unwanted body hair and odour is a good start. Anything that you find cringeworthy can be on the list - monobrows, hairy armpits, overgrown nose or ear hair and even something as simple as a decent haircut. Clean shaven or short stubble works best despite the recent Hipster trend to grow thick luscious beards.

Perspiration in summer is a concern, and those that suffer from extreme sweating need to wear the right clothes and take certain precautions so they don't smell of body odour which is a major turn off. Keeping teeth clean and having fresh breath is also very important. You need to be always ready to be kissed.

Footwear: Wearing nice clean shoes that blend with the outfit show that you see every detail and want to make that effort in showing your best. Unclean, unmatched and old shoes can misrepresent you by showing you as untidy. Pay attention to socks by choosing the right fabric to the season, purpose, occasion and blend with the outfit and the shoes.

Choosing The Right Outfit: Every occasion demands a specific look, and wearing the right outfit to the right place can be a game changer. This is where you can rely on your partner, flatmate or friend to decide on which style works, and use their honest feedback to your advantage.

Knowing Which Colours work: Instead of stocking up your wardrobe with Black, White, Blue and Dark Charcoal (boring and rather uninspiring); choose soft pastel ivory (over white), light blue, pink and grey work better than yellow, reds and greens. Another trick is to choose the palette that matches your eye colour.

Dress Simply but do not be simply dressed.

The Signature Look for Men and Women – when in doubt choose this:
For Men: Start with a dark blazer or jacket preferably navy or black, matched with a light coloured shirt (blue/white) with a nice set of jeans (dark denim). The shoes and belts need to match with the strap of a classic watch (not digital).

For Women: Start with the right set of heels and match it with the black dress that both casual and comfortable. If not, then wear a set of ivory or soft pink shirt matched with charcoal grey trousers or skirts – universally accepted as most neutral colours for women of all skin shades and types.

What can Azrim do for you and your business?
Being locally owned clothing manufacturers and distributors, we work with a wide array of fashion and colour stylists, interior designers and even wedding planners who want the best fabrics at best value. We stock leading brands like Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana and Vitale Barberis Canonico which are not easily accessible to all tailors, and avoid Chinese knock offs that are inferior in touch, feel, quality and look.  

Along the twenty years within the industry and thirteen years in business, we have unique advantages in production, design and sourcing which makes us the only clothing brand that offers best-fit guarantee in Australia and New Zealand.  

A Case Study in Personal Branding for a leading Real Estate Agency in Sydney
A leading real estate agency approached us to make suggestions for their staff uniforms which needed to be upgraded to match their new logo and profile. After confirming on a design within their budget, we suggested machine-washable suits for men and women, along with easy-care non-iron shirts that were practical and professional. Not only has company morale improved, but it has had a positive impact on their sales output with the agents closing more business and signing up more listings as they’re seen as best presented compared to others within the same region. We are now working on rolling this out across their whole company nationwide.

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