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Is Your Internet Ready for Today's Online Demands

With an ever increasing number of businesses switching to cloud-based solutions to streamline operations, improve mobility, and outsource infrastructure, the quality and capacity of your internet plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of this change.

Today’s cloud offerings allow businesses of all sizes to benefit from the latest software innovations, with far more cost effectiveness than ever before. Whether it’s VoIP, video conferencing, accounting software, CRMs, time tracking, project management, or just switching to Google Apps or Office365, modern small to medium sized businesses are choosing from a smorgasbord of online applications to assist with improving their organisation’s productivity.
Streamlining communications, operations, management and the customer experience through the use of cloud-based applications makes perfect business and financial sense, but with the increase in internet usage for more day-to-day tasks, is your network and internet capacity ready for the job?

Out with the Old
Pre-2010, the majority of a businesses used software, servers, and other infrastructure maintained within a local network environment to manage their daily tasks. While the internet had become an important component of processes, available internet connectivity was primarily used for smaller tasks such as web browsing, basic electronic communications, voice, and other low data consumption online services.

In with the New
As we moved into 2016, however, the use of cloud-based applications and infrastructure has risen considerably, and will continue to grow. Process and operational efficiency, mobility, improved communications, and business analytics are all well-seated components of the successful modern day business. Cloud-based software is being used to replace ageing local applications, as well as integrating additional services and application types that were previously out of reach due to expensive, enterprise-focused pricing. Online communications such as VoIP, Virtual PBX technologies, video conferencing, and social media marketing have become more widely adopted by businesses of all sizes trying to keep up with the competitive online landscape.

The cost savings achievable by incorporating software-as-a-service applications and remote cloud infrastructure are pretty convincing. But with the increase in the use of online solutions, so too comes a need for businesses to upgrade their internet capacity to accommodate the change in operational dynamics.

The Issue
The problem faced by many Businesses when it comes time to perform the necessary upgrades is, as you probably guessed, cost and service availability.

For many, good quality Fibre and Cable solutions are still out of reach, whether due to cost or availability. ADSL2+ is available pretty much everywhere but has significant speed limitations, including poor upload speeds. An NBN connection would solve these problems; however, this technology is currently only available in limited locations and the roll out still has years to go before it can benefit everyone.

The Remedy
Thankfully, headway has been made in other areas to address these caveats, even if it is only until a viable Fibre or Cable alternative is available at a reasonable price. There are avenues that organisations can go down to increase internet capacity(without hefty corporate pricing), optimise their data flow, and improve the overall effectiveness of their cloud integrations.

The two standout options in these scenarios are Next-Gen Bonded ADSL2+ and Dynamic Bandwidth Optimisation.

Bonded ADSL2+
Businesses that currently have access to ADSL2+ connectivity can now benefit from the next generation of bonding technology. These services combine two or more ADSL2+ connections that are seamlessly aggregated to deliver a single high-speed connection to the internet.

Unlike previous bonding methods that just split data down multiple internet lines(introducing a myriad of other issues), the new generation uses special aggregate software to combine all lines into a single, high-speed virtual connection.

Dynamic Bandwidth Optimisation
With limited internet capacity and higher internet usage, managing and prioritising different data types becomes crucial. Maintaining the smooth delivery of elements such as VoIP, streaming media, and video conferencing, while allowing other activity to continue unhindered in the background, is an essential requirement for many modern businesses.

A Dynamic Bandwidth Optimisation appliance situated at the Internet gateway of a network is the ideal solution to controlling this. It also provides the ability to monitor the usage of individual devices within a network, allowing potential issues to be spotted before they become a major problem. The other significant benefit with Dynamic Bandwidth Optimisation is that the available capacity of the internet connection is adjusted based on actual usage, not on predefined reserves used by previous generations of bandwidth optimisation tools.

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