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Mindset - It's Where We All Start to Succeed or Fail

George Mavros
George Mavros

I am a strong believer of mindset being the starting point in most cases for our failure or success in most things we do. I do not say just because you have a positive mindset everything will be fine or those that are often negative in their mindset will always fail. I do believe though that those with a positive and confident approach have a far greater chance of success than those that don’t.

I did a personal development course based on the teachings of Bob Proctor – “You were Born Rich” and read his book of the same title. I gained many things from the course and the book but without a doubt the most valuable lesson I took from Bob’s teachings was

“I may not be able to control the circumstance in which I find my self but I am responsible for my reaction to it”

What this one statement does, if you truly understand and embrace it, is to give you the power to deal with any situation that you are faced with in any part of your life. It does not mean that you will be able to solve every challenge that is put to you; it does not mean that you will win every time you try to but it does mean that you will own your reaction to any situation. No longer will you feel I was forced to do this or I did this because, or it was and is out of my control. In many circumstances the outcome may well be out of your control but if you accept this statement as your mantra then, your response/reaction will always be your decision.

Nelson Mandela could not control the circumstances when he was imprisoned. He could not control the circumstances of the rage and hatred that had built up over the years in his people through his imprisonment. But by being responsible for his reactions to it all, he survived and on his release was actually able to unite a nation to head down the right track together instead of as opposed to one another.

So what are some of my saying that I live by?

The hands can only create what the mind can see – There is nothing original made in this world

If you don’t believe it, if you can’t imagine it in your head then how can you possibly take action for it to become a reality? There isn’t a song, a painting, a product or a book for that matter that has been created in this world that is the original. Before it was made, it was imagined and seen in the creators mind. I say that it was Kennedy that took us to the moon – he had the vision and then the US amassed all those that were required to make that the reality.

A man’s got to know his limitations – Clint Eastwood – Dirty Harry
The exciting thing is when you really know them you actually learn your true potential and that’s what you should go for – George Mavros – ETSI

Again, this is all about mindset. Dr Hawkins – well before he became famous and well before he had come up with many of his incredible findings and theories for the world, was told of his potentially life threatening illness, that was going to be so limiting to him in his future. Once he understood his limitations he then set about to put in place strategies and plans to maximise his potential, given those limitations.

Don’t pray for rain if you don’t have the dam built you’ll just get flooded!

I am amazed at the number of business people that I meet that are planning a significant and often expensive sales and marketing campaign but do not have in place the infrastructure to deal with the prayed for growth. It saddens me the number of times I have seen companies generate lead after lead but not close the business because they lack the staff or skills to deal with the clients and in number of cases they do not have the stock to supply the demand.

If you have the courage to fail you are entitled to the right to succeed!

I assure you I do not have the right to succeed at Bungy Jumping! This is because whenever I think about it, my mind creates an image of the rope snapping or my legs separating at the knees. (I have two reconstructed knees but still play soccer) So because I don’t have the courage to fail at it, I will never succeed at it – and I am happy with my decision!!

Many people say Stephen Bradbury was lucky to win the gold medal at the Olympics. I say he earned the right to succeed because despite all the odds against him he was courageous enough to turn up and have a go. If all those people had not fallen over he would most likely not have won. If they had fallen over but he had not turned up – he also would not have won!!

If people can’t or won’t pay you back, don’t stop doing favours - The universe will deliver!

This is the law of reciprocity – givers gain!! Over the years I have done many people favours and tried to help charities and community programs where I can. In many cases those I assisted could not pay me back and in some sad cases would not pay me back. The amazing thing is the number of times I have needed help and it just seems to be delivered by the universe or from someone that I have no expectation of. So don’t run your life on a debit credit basis for giving – just do favours and I promise in some way the universe will deliver if the people won’t.

Never stop dreaming today - it’s where tomorrow’s reality comes from!

This is a bit like the Mind and the Hands saying but it is more about forward planning and strategic thinking and thinking about where you want to be in three, five, ten years time.

I think Richard Branson is and Steve Jobs and Johnny Warren were some of the great dreamers we have seen.

I told a guy six months after he employed me at 19 that one day I would run his business, at 32 I became managing director of Artline marking pens NSW.

I had great joy in ringing a few people that had been telling me for 13 years “you are dreaming!!”

At the age of 42, my left knee was destroyed in a soccer tackle, the Specialist said that if he didn’t know better he would have thought I had been hit by a car. I told him to rebuild it because I was playing soccer for a few more years. He said I was dreaming and he could not see it happening! Twelve months later I took the field and I continue to play now 17 seasons since. ( I could see it and I dreamt it could be!)

To succeed in business you need the skills to achieve what you set out to do, the courage to fail and learn and keep getting up. But more importantly you need to be able to dream of what could be in the future and see in your mind what you need to create for your success.

As your business coach and advisor I can help you with all of that – if you have the courage to contact me.

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