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Blockchain Smart Cities and You?

George Mavros
George Mavros

I fell into Smart Cities as a consequence of my involvement with Sales Marketing and Business Development advisory and coaching services and more specifically through my Patent Commercialisation services. I had a number of inventors approach me to say the same sort of thing “this will be part of the Smart City revolution.” So I decided I should find out more about it that was around 2007.

I then heard and got excited about, by the then Lord Mayor of Parramatta - Paul Garrard’s vision, “let’s make Parramatta Australia’s first true Smart City.”

Back in 2012 I started to hear about Blockchain, firstly from all the negative and often disinformation put out by those that either didn’t understand it or were scared of the Digital currency possibilities. But more and more over the past few years we are starting to see and hear about the true benefits of this revolutionary, some say more disruptive than the internet, technology.

The interesting thing for me has been that for both of these phenomena, you can find a similar pattern, naysayer- cautionary acceptance - excited jubilance and everyone wants in - oops lets stop and think this through a bit more - OK lets get the real stuff happening and forget about the fringe dwellers on both sides of the debate.

My take has always been and is simply this - “what’s in it for the people?” if there is not a true benefit for people if there is not an advantage then why do it? Surely not just because it’s new?

I believe in two main things for these areas.
1. Those that truly understand these two semi new Buzzes, will develop and will deliver true benefits to people and a wide range of us. They will actually benefit and gain for themselves, their families, their businesses and the community.
2. If you don’t know about them and/or you don’t understand the ramifications that their growth will mean to you, good or bad - you will suffer in some way, in most areas of your life. Be it through loss of business or opportunities, not getting as good a deal as you could have for you, your family or your business. Worse still if our supposed leaders and politicians at all levels don’t understand and have realistic strategies, we will all miss out. It could just be through missing out on easily gained, better service levels in our private life - all the way through to our personal health care - simply because you didn’t know it was there or they didn’t take advantage of the opportunities.

Blockchain and Smart Cities are to me the platform or base technology, each of us needs to design our advantageous use of them, just like electricity is there we decide how we use it for our advantage.

These two like all other advancements will bring victory to some and loss to others.

So, question for you, where are you with Blockchain and Smart Cities and you?

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