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Synergy - 1+1=3... Crazy Maths!

George Mavros
George Mavros

Michael Angier wrote in his eBook “Strategies for Success”: “Synergy: It’s a word that most of us are familiar with and yet one not so easy to define. It’s more than two or more people getting along and benefiting one another. It’s when the combination of energies, resources, talents and efforts equals more than the sum of the parts – when 1 + 1 = 3 (or even more).”

Have you a need for Sales – Marketing Business Development Strategies for your products, services or maybe your business as a total?

Do you think you could benefit from an external business partner who could not only develop concepts for your Logo, Branding and marketing material but also deliver the printed materials, the online presence and even host and manage your website?

Do you accept that if you get the right people that individually can deliver benefits to you to meld into a team then the benefits and outcomes can be even greater for you?

If the answer to these questions are “Yes” then read on!!

I’ve been a business consultant for over 30 years, predominantly in Sales-Marketing and Business Development. This has been with clients to grow and develop their products and in other cases those that wanted the same skills and services applied to their company as a whole.

Over the years it has amazed me the number of people/organisations that spend huge sums of money on rebranding or relaunching their business just because some marketing or “branding” guru says you have had that logo or design or image and sometimes even name for too long. Equally I am staggered at the number of people that embark on some form of advertising or marketing without a clear and strategic objective that answers, “Why are we doing this and what is the next step after I spend this money on this part of the advertising or marketing?”

Last but no least it surprises me the number of people that embark on a marketing or branding strategy and then complain that they did not get the immediate response that one should expect from a true advertising campaign, not realising they are from the same jigsaw but are very different parts of the puzzle.

All creative people have their view of telling the story, that’s what makes them creative but that does not guarantee that all creative people have the same vision. Imagine what would happen if you could meld your Sales, Marketing and Business Development team. Create a team that not only looks at you and your product or service, but your organisation as well and only then offers you a strategy that is holistic.

Consider the requirements of combining a print and online marketing team that has print media – from letterheads business cards to promotional flyers and corporate presenters all the way through to Magazine placement, all these aspects often needing to be created as well. We now live in a world that also demands that digital and social media is part of the mix, not forgetting things like a Website, Videos plus personal blog strategies. Unless this is all brought together with your internal and external sales and marketing team, you could end up with 10 fantastic ideas and representations, but alas none meshed and supporting one continuous story.

Consider what’s required to bring that all together, especially if your internal team is a young one or lacking in the specific skills and experience of all the aspects we’ve identified.

So what and what does all of this have to do with 1 + 1 = 3 and what does that have to do with you, where is your WIFM? Why not engage an external consultant for a specific time and outcome project? Who has the knowledge and experience mix you need to bring this all together, with the various advertising, media and creative suppliers. Who could also communicate that with your management and internal sales and marketing team and be there to assist in the implementation. Once the project is completed you then are left with the a strategically implemented cohesive campaign, where the total business is “on song” and your targeted audience is receiving the one consistent message or story, be it through print media or online strategies or face to face or over the phone.

How is it done? Well, it’s not through spending more time and money on fancy long winded presentations. It’s not by always looking to engage the people that have expensive flash offices that are so extravagant, you could fit your business in their foyer. It’s not by engaging a consultant who tell you of strategies and techniques that work, provide you have the budget and resources of Macdonald’s or Coca Cola, when you are a small medium business enterprise. It’s by sitting down with business people that have “been there and done that” and that are willing to talk to You about Your business, Your needs and Your budget and then providing Your strategy.

It’s about You getting Your guide to take You on Your journey, not you being taken on someone else’s vision of your trip. Maybe it’s time for you to do some crazy maths?

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