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Angry Anderson
Angry Anderson

The Oxford defines it thus, ‘Truth’ the quality or a state of being true or truthful: what is true.

Aaahh truth, That most beautiful of all human traits. Truth in its purest form is a key to true happiness. It is a foundation stone for all humanity, knowledge and is a cornerstone rock upon which a truly civilised society can be built.
Truth then is a fundamentally, necessary component of any human endeavour that seeks to elevate and beautify the soul. In other words, any and all efforts to truly serve ourselves and our fellow man.

The first victim of war… is truth!

And we are at War!

A lie told often enough with conviction can seem to be, or become, the truth!

And we are being lied to!

An inconvenient truth, is a phrase we have come to know and use.

An inconvenient truth being a truth that is inconvenient to hear.

We first heard that phrase widely used by Al Gore on his ‘crusade’ to ‘sell’ his idea, nay his ‘truth’ of global warming, to the masses.

“We are all going to suffer from extreme weather conditions brought on by global warming” he said.

“The polar caps are melting” he said.

“The seas will rise,” he said.

“Swallowing up whole coast lines, whole Islands and displacing millions of people” he said.

“Catastrophic world-wide droughts and fires of never before seen magnitude would mercilessly ravage and destroy whole countries” he said.

“Mankind is facing extinction” if we didn’t believe him, he said.

He told us these things asking us to believe that they were the truth. He wanted us to believe his truth!

Did he lie?

There is enough scientific evidence that suggests that he did, knowingly or unknowingly, did not tell the truth, so he must have lied.

Lie’’: The Oxford defines as: an untrue statement with intent to deceive; something that deceives or misleads to speak untruthfully.

Did he knowingly lie? We may never know the truth of that.

Suffice to say that none of his predictions have come to pass.

Perhaps in retrospect, his only mistake was to give it a definite timeline “within our time” he said.

Is it any wonder that our young are worried, depressed and anxious about the future? I’m not because I do not believe his truth.

“Multiculturalism is the cure for all Man’s ills” they say, well some say.

“Multiculturalism is the way of the future” some say.

A widely diverse society is naturally the way forward for all mankind they say.

A ‘brown’ world population will break down all cultural, racial and ethnic barriers they say.

White Anglo Saxon people are the source of all evil they say… well some say.

This then is their truth but is it true?

Multiculturalism can and does work where the minorities want to fit into the host country. It works when the newcomer and the host population work towards finding common ground and establish a working rapport with the desired end result being for both parties, the adding to and strengthening of the new society that between them they can, or wish to, create.

Politically correct multiculturalism, on the other hand is doomed to fail because it encourages and fosters division not diversity.

The most obvious example of this very division, dressed up as diversity, is the Lefts’ obsession with Islam.

Last time I wrote to you I expressed my frustration with Muslims who live in Australia, who have not demonstrated well enough, to us, the host populace, that the majority of them want to integrate into our society. This they must do this in order for all of us to live harmoniously together, if that is at all achievable.

If it is true, it can and will happen. If it is not the truth, then it can’t and won’t happen.

The repeating of a lie, no matter how often or however convincing, can never make it the truth.

Some want us to believe that we can all live together with these divisions. I do not believe this to be true therefore to me it is a lie.

I cannot say, as many are beginning to say, that I have many Muslim friends. I only have one and I count him as a good friend. He is a man I admire, respect and love in the way one man loves another because of the way he lives his life, his beliefs, his truths.

He is a man of Muslim faith who sees himself as Australian, as belonging, so he is and he does.

I admire, respect and love him because he lives his truth and it’s a truth we share.

He is a living example of why we can and should work together to allow this good thing between us to work.

I will say again that I do not have a problem with Muslims per se because a Muslim is a person, an individual not an ideology and we all know that there will always be good and bad on both sides. They may practice their faith and I will respect that as long as it does not interfere with me practising my faith, whatever I choose that to be.

So far I have not seen this happening and I need to see that happening to be supportive of them or their aspirations to become part of Australia.
I have found my truth I hope you have found yours.

Your friend, Angry.


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