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Enough is Enough!

Angry Anderson
Angry Anderson

In all honesty I have not been able to come up with a clever title for this article, rant, tirade…call it what you will but no clever title to get us started!

Those of us who are old enough can cast our minds and memories back to 1976 when the movie Network came out starring among others, the late and great actor Peter Finch.

The rest of you can Google it.

In the movie, Peter Finch plays a man who despairs at the situation that he now finds himself in. He is frustrated, depressed and therefore angry at what he sees as the hopelessness of his personal and working life. He sees his personal world and the world at large as being worlds of chaos. He sees that he is surrounded by depravity, injustice and stupidity and feels the futility of not being able to do anything to change it.

He sees himself as helpless to change the wrongs he sees around him and the wrongs he sees that are pervading the society he lives in and for that matter the whole world.
He looks at his world and sees starvation, crime, the erosion of long held morals. He sees wars being fought, started by a government he has put his trust in. For what? For some self interested gain which he struggles to understand let alone justify.

The world, his world, is going crazy, going down the toilet, going to hell in a hand basket. It`s a world where little, if anything, makes any sense any more, where right is no longer right, where wrong is no longer wrong, where the peace and comfort that comes from knowing where you stand and where you fit in, no longer applies.

It`s a world where some are trying to convince the rest that the principle of going about your life in a peaceful and purposeful way, obeying the law and paying your taxes, entitles you to a simple and orderly life, is somehow now all wrong and that he is wrong to even think so.

Sound familiar? Well it should because it’s happening again or maybe worse still, it’s still happening!

Anyway I digress, sorry.

So then comes that scene. The scene that the movie has become famous for; the scene that has risen to cult status and has became the cry for all those who arrive at that same place which promotes our hero to utter, no to yell, to call out in anger, frustration and torment those wonderful words,

“ I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this any more!”

As a prelude to those fabulous lines he says, as part of his tirade, “I’m a human being god dammit! My life has value!

Well so does mine and so does yours and so did Curtis Cheng’s!
I don’t know about you but I’ve reached that point where I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this any more!

I’m done with the false god of political correctness! Not that I ever was a devotee.
I’m done with the lie of politically correct multiculturalism!

Curtis Cheng was the personification, the success if you like, of how and why multiculturalism, in it’s proper application, can and does work.

He embraced Australia as his home and a home for those he cherished most, his family.

He chose to raise his family in Australia, in the Australian way, knowing that if he did, his culture, his religion and and all that comes with it would be respected and honoured because that is the Australian way.
A fair go for all.

He brought truth to the proposition that you give so you can receive; where you bring something to offer as well as expecting something in return.

A place where you treat your host with respect and consideration, asking “how do I fit in here?’ and thus receiving respect and consideration from your host.

You do not enter your host`s house and demand that they move all their furniture to suit your needs. You do not tell your host that the food they lay on their table isn’t good enough for you. You do not demand that your host send their children outside because you find the sound of their laughter too noisy. In fact as a courteous visitor you demand nothing!

You are grateful for all or anything that you receive because you are entitled to nothing that is not offered.

Police chief Andrew Scipione said, while honouring Curtis Cheng, “Curtis’ life reminds us that life is fragile. It also reminds us that we are together responsible for the type of community we create. If a positive is to be taken from recent events, it is our collective realisation that our way of life, the freedoms and protections we enjoy, are not unassailable. They need to built, maintained and defended!”

Yes! I say, Defended! Curtis Cheng was murdered by an Islamic terrorist, a terrorist driven to kill in the name of his religious, cultural and political ideology, that being Islam.

A gentle, kind, caring, decent man, a husband, a father, a son and brother to us all. He was an innocent who died at the hand of a politically, religiously demented, deluded teenager who had been twisted and deformed by an evil ideology that can no longer be the Elephant in the room.

An ideology that can no longer be tolerated by us in this country.

That political, religious, cultural ideology is Islam!

Or at least, to be fair, a growing, festering, filthy, version of it.

Let me say this before I go any further, I am not nor have I ever been an enemy of
the individuals who practice the Islamic faith. Muslims who behave in a peaceful manner are not my enemy but I am an enemy against the radical practice of Islam and any and all who practice Islam in that way; those who oppose my way of life here in the land of my birth, my home,our country Australia.

And to all the Lefty Leftard apologists that want you and I to somehow feel guilt or some form of responsibility for the pollution and demonizing of that boy, go @#*@ yourselves because I do not, will not, will never take any responsibility for his actions.
And to all the so called moderates who now want even more consideration from me and the collective we, I ask where is your consideration for me and mine? Where was it while you sat on your hands these lunatics were taking control of you and now you and I have to somehow deal with the products of your inadequacy, your indifference and your cowardice.
Apart from some wonderful exceptions the majority of the moderates have done little or nothing to stop the spread of this evil amongst their ranks. These are their children not mine.

I will never forget those monsters who prowled the streets to prey on young Aussie girls, pack raping them because they were taught that they could.

I will never forget the mothers and fathers who supported their vile offspring, telling them and therefore all of us that “those Aussie sluts deserved what they got because all Aussie girls are sluts.” We should have learnt then and there but we didn’t!

If the real moderates want understanding, consideration and tolerance from you and I then they damn well better start earning it because, apart from a brave few, I have not seen enough of what they have done or will do to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

That is not to say that there are no moderates that want to live harmoniously among us because there are but we need to see them, hear them and know that they are worthy of our support, respect and consideration. These things you earn. They are not an entitlement.

I was brought up to not be a whinger and I don’t like whingers.
Moderates, historically speaking have never stood up to or opposed radicals for fear of retribution. I understand their reluctance but do not criticise me or mine if we won’t roll over and bow down, as you have, to these monsters in our midst.

I’m as mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this any more!

Yours as ever, Angry.

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