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Dmitry Greku
Dmitry Greku

Our trip during the Christmas break was to Angourie, a small village near Yamba in northern NSW. People are hospitable, beaches are unreal and the wildlife is simply wonderful.

This place lures surfers from everywhere. Waves are world class. And it’s where I learned to understand how to surf.

I have surfed a stand up paddle (SUP) board for almost three years and love it. SUP surfing (I’m not sure about traditional surfing, having never done it) is extremely addictive. It’s a healthy addiction, bringing you lots of joy and adrenaline rushes. Sometimes it can be scary, but you need to find a successful exit from precarious situations. I would like to tell you about one of those.

For the first few days the conditions in Angourie, (aboriginal word for Noisy Ocean) were pretty rough. I was still keen to go out and catch a couple of waves. On the way, an unexpected set came over. I was confronted by the biggest wave I’ve ever seen during my surfing “career” - a daunting prospect.

This monster kept growing with every passing moment. I was standing in the worst possible spot – it was going to break exactly where I was, taking me and my board into a boiling cauldron. For less than a second, which was like at least ten minutes for me, I felt sorry for myself, screaming inside (in polite magazine editor speak: What kind of a stupid idea was this to get out here in such conditions?..), and expecting heavily promoted heroes to come and save me – Batman, Spiderman or at least Captain Australia, for God’s sake someone! These good things were not going to happen. It was all up to me.

After this protracted yet tiny fraction of a second, I finally decided to keep paddling against the wave and had only enough time for one and a half strokes. This resolved the situation in the best possible way. The wave started breaking just as I got on its top. A happy moment later, I was airborne and it took me some time to get back into the water. Lucky me, there were no other waves of that size in this set. I stayed outside of the surfing zone for some minutes, recovered my breath and came back safely to the shore to my and all other marine inhabitants’ joy.

The moral of the story is that when it’s tough and looks like there is no or almost no exit from a serious dilemma, you are almost ready to surrender or expect some help from your heroes – don’t waste precious time. It’s all up to you. Deal with it! Do it yourself, do it faster, mobilise all the resources available and get over this “Wave” as expeditiously as possible with the least loss and, as in our real-life situations, for your business.

Any successful business project requires and must have top quality gear. That can be your equipment, your team, clarity of reasoning and clear understanding of what to do best at a critical moment. Experience from more simple previous situations will help when all your resources need to be gathered upon being confronted by complex and scary circumstances.

So, get your business fit and ready for possible gigantic waves, think quickly and keep you mind fresh, concentrating on what is necessary to be done, not what is looking easier and might lead to a wipe out!

Have a great day and take care of yourselves and your clients.

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