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Future DATA 2018

"Data is the new oil. It's valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used. It has to be changed into gas, plastic, chemicals, etc. to create a valuable entity that drives profitable activity; so must data be broken down, analysed for it to have value." - UK Mathematician Clive Humby

First coined in 2006, "data is the new oil" has gone on to become one of the most famous and widely used descriptions of the rising importance of the vast amounts of data being created every second. Data is now often credited as being the world's most important resource. Businesses today can generate and collect huge amounts of data (collectively referred to a 'Big Data') but the key to making the most of this crucial resource is in how the data is analysed and used to create actual value for business. All businesses have data but it is what they do with this data that matters.

How can companies evolve with the use of data? How can the implement strategies to build a knowledge base within their organisation to enable an effective approach to data analytics, with the ultimate aim of growing their business? Over the past few years, Hannover Fairs Australia (HFA) has hosted a Big Data conference as a pivotal stream of CEBIT AUSTRALIA, Australia's largest business technology event, with the expressed aim to assist a wide range of businesses answer this very question.

Since its inception at CEBIT, the Big Data conference has consistently been one of the drawcard topics at the event, with a focus on the overarching themes, theories and technical aspects of dealing with data. However in more recent times, there has been a growing demand from attendees to explore more than the big picture data issues and provide an event that delves deeper into how data could improve their business. As a result, the FutureData conference was launched in 2017 to run as a separate, standalone event. Across two full days it offers an extended content program that provides a deep dive into the strategies companies are utilising to understand trends and patterns, and garner practical outcomes from their data.

The FutureData conference focuses on innovative approaches to data, analytics, information management and technology advances. The event aims to help participating speakers and delegates formulate approaches to managing, analysing, and acting on insights from their data, but also to understand the associated infrastructure required within which this can happen.

As organisations become more data-driven, so their need to manage larger and larger data sets grows, and with this comes a greater need to assess and integrate a plethora of new technology solutions.

At the inaugural event last year, we welcomed approximately 150 senior, enterprise data-focused executives, including analytics professionals, business intelligence heads, data and IT architects, innovation managers and heads of customer insight. Industries represented ranged from the government

through to retail, media, banking, FMCG, pharma and travel, highlighting further the scale of the challenges faced, and the fact that learning how to properly utilise data is a topic that affects everyone.

The 2017 conference set the benchmark for leading data insights in the market. The program has grown from there with the organisers building on the feedback from last year, and wider independent market research to create a curated agenda for 2018 that incorporates a balance of practical insights, industry commentary and actionable ideas that industry professionals can take away to incorporate into their organisations.

During the research process, a clear message emerged that, more than anything, data professionals draw great value in learning and understanding directly from the journeys others have undertaken before them.

Past delegates pointed out that they found the most benefit in hearing from data leaders who are able to provide compelling case study stories on successful projects or transformations they've undertaken, outlining the journey, any challenges along the way, what they needed to do to turn things around, and how they ultimately used data to move the company forward.

With this feedback in mind, the 2018 FutureData event program will explore actual intelligence, with sessions that go beyond the hype and buzzwords to show how to get real results from data. The program features real-world case studies and dynamic, interactive panel discussions that will look at the mix of analytics and how it will derive direct benefit for business. The program will explore different approaches and creative ways to capture, store, manage, analyse, find insights and generate direct benefit from data. Speakers will give real, tangible takeaways they have learned through their own experiences that can be used to improve business outcomes.

The FutureData program will feature speakers both from legacy businesses discussing how data is delivering new insights and transforming their business, as well as the new innovators whose success is driven by the value in and their ability to leverage data.

The confirmed speaker line-up represents some of Australia's largest legacy businesses (Telstra, Myer, Australia Post), most successful data-driven start-ups (The Iconic, Airtasker, Mad Paws), along with major global brands (Google, Expedia Group, LinkedIn, Spotify, Deliveroo, Seek), and leading government agencies (Data61, NSW Data Analytics Centre, Transport for NSW, Worksafe Victoria).

Sessions will focus on a number of topics important for companies in any industry including how to use data-driven marketing to tailor products and services to different audiences, how businesses can leverage data to create an effective e-commerce strategy, gaining buy-in at the executive level to do more data-driven projects, driving a new team and effective change management when implementing a new data technology platform, leveraging data when thinking of the future of work, privacy and understanding how the GDPR will affect Australia, the business implications of the IoT, and looking at AI's ROI.

Moving into the future, data will continue to drive many of the most innovative technological advances including artificial intelligence, the IoT, automation and advanced analytics, and it is crucial for all businesses to stay in the know. So far reaching are the effects of Big Data that, whether a data professional or not, it's safe to say that data is now everyone's business.

FutureData 2018 takes place on the 20th & 21st November at the Swissotel in Sydney. BiziNet has secured a special discount for our subscribers - use the code FDBIZ18 to receive 20% off the standard ticket price. Don't get left behind - register now.

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