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Politics & Opinions with David Clarke: The Presidency of Donald Trump & What It Means For Australia & The World

When Donald Trump decided to run for President of the United States he had never held public office. In the Republican primaries he vanquished all his competitors and despite opposition from the grandees of the party won the Republican nomination.

Despite having most of the media against him, he defeated the firm favourite, the smug and self-absorbed Hillary Clinton and became the 45th President of the United States.

How was it that this successful businessman and self-made billionaire, with no political background could achieve such a phenomenal feat?

Already his Presidency is transforming America and reshaping the direction of the free world and the course of history.

Like him or loathe him Donald Trump is a man who ignites great controversy.  

It is a fact of world politics that when America is economically and militarily strong the world is a far less dangerous place. It safeguards democracy, leads the fight against terrorism and those who threaten peace and it defeated fascism during World War II (1941-1945) and communism during the Cold War (1947-1991).

What other nation has the strength and resolve to fulfil this role? There is no other such nation! Certainly it is not going to be a discredited body such as the United Nations.

A strong America is of vital importance to Australia. We share the same values, we both have a free enterprise economy and we are and always have been strong allies. Our safety depends on the might of the United States and we are partners in the ANZUS Treaty.

“Drain The Swamp!”

When Donald Trump was running for President he ran on a platform of ‘America First’. He said ‘Let’s make America great again’. He said he would ‘drain the swamp’ and mainstream America responded by electing him their President.

Hillary Clinton, still in a state of denial at her defeat, had gathered a support base of those who lived off the taxes generated by the working people of America, those who lived and breathed ‘identity and gender politics’ and those who denigrated their own country.

Self-Anointed Elitists

She was endorsed by the politically correct elites who snigger at patriotism and she had the support of the ‘Hollywood Set’, both of which are epitomised by the New York Times and Washington Post.

Coming from the same political mould as Barak Obama she was the obvious choice to carry on his underwhelming eight year legacy symbolic of which was his last official act – the presidential pardon of two convicted traitors.  

The first was former U.S. Army officer Chelsea Manning who was serving a 35 year prison sentence for espionage and leaking classified military documents to WikiLeaks, thus endangering the lives of serving U.S. military personnel and the security of America itself. The second was Oscar Lopez Rivera who was serving a 55 year prison sentence for seditious conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. Government through violence.

Donald Trump’s Quest For Jobs

Why did Donald Trump win? Firstly, because America was in bad economic shape. Jobs by the million were being lost by blue collar workers because of trade agreements which worked against America’s best interests and because corporations were building their factories off shore.

The trade relationship between China and America was tilted heavily against America and its intellectual property was being stolen to the tune of billions of dollars annually. For America the end result has been a yearly trade deficit with China of over $100 billion.

Symptomatic of this economic malaise is the once great industrial city of Detroit, now a shadow of its former self with a population shrinking by two thirds over the past few decades.

Through its adherence to the Paris Climate Accord and all the green climate change theology that went with it, America’s energy industry was in free-fall with energy infrastructure growth curtailed by an unconscionable burden of Government regulation and red tape.

Identity & Gender Politics

Political correctness was another issue fuelling American voter discontent with the submerging of America under the weight of ‘identity and gender politics’ and the trashing of Judeo-Christian values. A prime example was the legalisation of same-sex marriage, not by the vote of the American people, but by the legal manoeuvrings of activist politicised judges.

Legalisation of same-sex marriage by the U.S. Supreme Court in a 5 to 4 decision (with the pivotal vote being an Obama appointee) was a direct repudiation of the views of the American electorate, who have rejected by plebiscite same-sex marriage in 35 of the 50 states.  

11 Million Illegal Immigrants

Then there was the issue of illegal immigration which polls showed to be a major concern to over 70% of voters.

Of America’s 11 million illegal immigrants, the Federal Bureau of Investigation estimates that approximately one million have criminal convictions. Of those convicted of federal drug offences, 75% were illegal immigrants according to the United States Sentencing Commission.
Another source of deep rooted discontent in the American electorate, which fed into the U.S. election were the activities of major crime syndicates such as the MS-13 gang comprised largely of illegal migrants. Some of these gangs have memberships of 10,000-20,000 and together are responsible for hundreds of murders each year.

During the campaign Donald Trump promised to build a wall along the Mexican border to stem the illegal migrant tide. He vowed to reverse Obama’s Presidential Decree legalising the American residency of 11 million illegal migrants and furthermore to begin the process for their deportation.

Islamist Terrorism In America

The problem of Islamist terrorism in America resulting in the death or injury of hundreds of its citizens in recent times, is a serious threat to America’s security. During his presidency Barack Obama was reluctant to even acknowledge terrorisms’ Islamist roots.

Fact Or ‘Fake News’

No wonder it was that Donald Trump won. He understood America’s discontent. He knew that something was stirring in America’s soul. He could read the signs and he knew what the American people wanted. While Hillary Clinton spoke at election functions hosted by her Hollywood friends, Donald Trump addressed rallies packed out by tens of thousands of mainstream voters at a time. When it came to campaigning he was smart and she was not.

He overcame a hostile media and its ‘fake news’. According to an in depth Indiana State University survey those who comprise America’s media’s industry are by party affiliation 7% Republican, 26% Democrat with the rest unaligned but overwhelmingly from the ‘dyed-in-the-wool’ left.  

On average the major television networks gave 93% negative coverage to the Trump campaign with only 7% positive – the exception being Fox News which split 50/50. No wonder polling showed that of voters who had a viewpoint, 50% believed the media had been biased against Donald Trump with only 4% having the opposite view.

Trump critics ridicule and savage his use of twitter but with nearly 100 million social media followers he is not about to change… and why would he?

Attempts To De-Legitimise Trump’s Presidency

A whole range of concocted reasons were raised to de-legitimise his first months in office. There were calls for his impeachment on a range of spurious grounds. There were riots in many cities because of a refusal to accept the validity of his election. Various do gooder health experts offered psychological counselling to those feigning mental anguish from Trump’s election.

Hillary Clinton went trawling on the television interview circuit decrying Trump as not ‘morally fit’ to serve in the White House. She had conveniently forgotten that her own husband had acted in a more sexually predatory manner than any other occupant of the White House.

She had also forgotten that she was the chief verbal abuser of those women victims who had come forward to give testimony of their own harrowing sexual harassment by her husband.

Efforts to de-legitimise the Presidency of Donald Trump have continued unabated. Government leaks against him have occurred at a rate seven times greater than those against Obama during the same period he was in office, reflecting the extent of politicalisation of the Public Service during his administration.

Democratic Congressmen filibustered and used delaying tactics to stall the appointment of Trump nominees so that after the first 6 months of his Presidency only 23% of his appointments had been confirmed as opposed to 69% of Obama’s appointments for the same period.

Trumps Record So Far

What has Trump achieved during his first nine months? Has he kept faith with the American mainstream electorate who put him there?

The answer is: yes he has! America’s industry and commerce sectors give credit to Trump for turning America’s economy around and restoring confidence following years of mediocrity under the Obama Administration.

In his first nine months he has introduced more reforms to energise America’s economy than any other President since Harry Truman in 1948.

Already, one million new jobs have been created and unemployment is at a 10 year low. Those in receipt of welfare food stamps have dropped by 1.1 million and the stock market is at its highest in history.

America is experiencing its highest manufacturing surge in six years, corporate earnings are at their highest in 13 years, home mortgage applications are the highest in seven years and consumer confidence is at its highest since 2000.

There has been a massive roll-back in economy stifling regulations saving over $90 billion.

President Trump has successfully lobbied major corporations to rescind plans to relocate factories overseas and instead build them in the United States.  This initiative alone has resulted in the creation of scores of thousands of new American based jobs.

On a recent visit to Saudi Arabia he secured for America $350 billion of new military equipment and development contracts. The art of deal making is alive and well under Trump and paying big dividends for America’s economy.

The Governor of West Virginia publicly changed his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican to acknowledge that a surge of new jobs in his state came about through the personal intervention of Trump. To blue collar workers in rust-belt states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, Trump promised new jobs and factories and now he is delivering on that promise as well.

To deal with the unequal trade relationship between China and America which tilts against America to the tune of $100 billion a year he has established an Investigative Committee to propose remedial action, including the issue of theft of America’s intellectual property. He is now working to deliver the biggest personal and corporate tax cuts in America’s history.

New Energy Initiatives

To resuscitate America’s energy industry mutilated by Obama’s worship of green energy theology, he delivered on his promise to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord and has lifted restrictions on new energy infrastructure involving federal land and water facilities.

He has accelerated the approval of new oil and natural gas drilling applications and new oil and gas pipelines previously vetoed by the Obama Administration and most importantly, he is reviving America’s coal mining industry to ensure a plentiful supply of cheap base load energy.

Here in Australia as a result of a Labor/Greens alliance in Canberra totally subservient to extremist green ideology, Australians have seen their electricity bills more than double over the last decade. In Labor run South Australia, with the decommissioning of its last coal fired power station and an over-dependency on hugely costly wind and solar power, it experienced the unthinkable – a state wide power blackout.

It would seem Trump’s business acumen and pragmatism over green environmental ideology has inspired the Australian Coalition Government to take a leaf out of his book. It abolished renewable energy targets and subsidies. This will deliver more reliable and cost effective sources of energy for Australian families and businesses, by providing policy certainty encouraging business to invest in the energy sector as well as save taxpayers’ money, which was being fritted away propping up expensive renewable energy.
Trump’s Immigration Reform

President Trump is delivering on his election promise to reform America’s immigration program. He has overturned Obama’s Presidential Executive Order legalising the residency status of 11 million illegal migrants and has accelerated plans to expand deportations. He has issued contracts for the building of his promised wall, with the result that there has already been a 40% drop in the entry of illegal migrants – the lowest level in 17 years.

Trump has acknowledged that his inspiration for the wall is Australia’s own successful wall to stop illegal immigration – a sea wall guarded by the Royal Australian Navy.

He is also reforming America’s legal immigration program using Australia as a model. Consigning to history the Green Card program, which accepts migrants on a geographical basis regardless of their skills. His new program will seek skills based migrants proficient in basic English who are financially self supporting, not likely to collect welfare and who do not displace existing job holders.

Defence, Foreign Affairs & The North Korean Nuclear Threat

Trump has declared that he will no longer accept any more delays by the North Koreans in dismantling their nuclear and ballistic missile programs.  Under Clinton and Obama this growing threat had been left to fester into what is now a precariously dangerous situation. Through his authority as President of the world’s most powerful nation he has successfully pressured the United Nations to impose tough new mandatory sanctions against the Kim Jong Un regime, and has escalated pressure on China to obtain the solution which he knows it is uniquely placed to achieve.

Australia’s Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop has applauded President Trump for his leadership and credits him with achieving more to end the nuclear threat posed by North Korea than anyone else so far.

He has ordered the biggest build up in America’s defence capability since the Reagan era of the 1980s, and has massively intensified the war to eliminate Islamist terrorism thus effectively destroying Islamic State’s Middle East ‘caliphate’.

He and his Vice-President Pence have visited Europe extolling the values and achievements of Western Christian Civilisation, and in response have been lauded by the Governments of Poland, Hungary and the Baltic states and others throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

In Asia, Trump has energised and revived America’s relations with allies such as South Korea, Japan and The Philippines.

Political Correctness

In launching his broadside against political correctness Donald Trump has gone where other leaders have feared to tread.

When the ‘Charlottesville Saga’ opened up the issue of the destruction of public monuments for politically correct reasons, Trump counter attacked and incurred the wrath of the left-liberal media. Yet opinion polls show the American public overwhelmingly supports his stand.

When Trump slammed footballers who refused to stand for the American national anthem, polls once again showed the public massively behind him despite the displeasure of the left media elites.

Whilst political correctness has for too long imposed itself on Australia, Australian political conservative leaders are taking heart from President Trump’s stance by counter attacking the demonisation of our nation’s heritage and history by politically correct elitists.

Lessons For Australia

Trump treads where others have been too timid to tread and no more so than in stimulating America’s economy. As small business is the life-blood which makes Australia’s economy grow and prosper, we need to follow his lead in lifting from its shoulders the burden of red tape, over regulation and government taxes. It needs inexpensive and reliable power. It needs a level playing field and not be at the mercy of shopping centre landlords imposing extortionist rents and on the other hand from trade unions who shake them down for what they can extract.

Trump & The Future

Nine months into his first term Donald Trump’s Presidency is in good shape.  Internationally, he is providing leadership on issues such as terrorism and North Korea. Domestically, he is delivering on his election promises virtually all of which have been supported by the American electorate according to the opinion polls and he is making political correctness unpopular.

Only a few weeks ago, The Washington Post – no friend of Trump – summed up the position when it published an article headed “Trump Is On Track To Win Re-election”.

Donald Trump is rewriting the rules of established politics. He is cutting the elites out of the equation and appealing directly to the force that counts – Mainstream America.

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