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Insurance core technology in the new financial era

Wang Dandan
Wang Dandan

Advances in information technology have led to the rapid development of essential technologies related to data acquisition, transmission, storage, processing and application. Advances in cloud computing and broadband 5G have made mass storage and fast transfer a reality, providing the foundation for technology implementation in big data, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, as well as the deep application of the Internet of Things in related fields.

Over the past 10 years, information technology has driven the insurance industry at different times of the hot words. We have experienced the "insurance e-commerce" stage, "Internet insurance" stage, "insurance technology" stage until the current "digital insurance" era. But the fastest-growing period for combining insurance and information technology to stimulate insurance is beyond the 21st century. Defined as the "Year of Internet Insurance" in 2013, the 2B model of cooperation with Internet platforms has exploded against the backdrop of years of tepid exploration of the industry's proprietary 2C model. With the rapid development of information technology infrastructure, transmission and storage capacity has been dramatically improved, as the operating service chain is a long main feature of the insurance industry, sales, underwriting, survey, claims, customer service, preservation, and other significant links of the offline operation process has been constantly moved to the line. In particular, the application of mobile technology, online payment, electronic insurance policy, and electronic invoice allows the complete closed-loop operation scenario of insurance to fully realize the transformation from the physical scene to the online location.

With the integration of systems and technologies, combined with the industry's operational characteristics, the insurance industry has also directed China-Taiwan construction and platform construction. Technology is rapidly driving process reshaping and modelling in the industry, and the industry's operational energy efficiency has been greatly upgraded. With the rapid development of information-based technology and application technology, cloud computing, 5G, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and virtual reality will usher in a new era until the next 10 years. Online, mobile, digital, intelligent has become the industry mainstream and basic consensus. With the recent scientific and technological progress and network popularization, insurance products to further expand the scope and form of services, for a time, the industry, new products such as user-based insurance (User-Based Insurance), micro-insurance and so on continue to emerge. Health management, automotive safety monitoring and other extended services became popular, new insurance platforms, technology start-ups and other new players also want to share the insurance technology "a piece of the pie", so actively explore innovation and strive to capture new opportunities. We expect that insurance technology will penetrate faster and deeper, potentially leading to changes in the state of the insurance industry and the competitive landscape of the market. Eight core technologies drive innovation in the insurance industry: big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, Internet and mobile technology, virtual reality (VR), and genetic technology.

The development and application of mobile Internet, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and drones have created unprecedented conditions for risk management in the insurance industry to do well in the future, such as machinery and equipment, warehouse property, farming, operating trucks, risk management models that can be established through the Internet of Things, blockchain, drones, and big data. In sickness insurance and old-age insurance, according to the different age gender and physical condition of customers, can be supported by big data to develop disease prevention and health promotion programs, through the Internet of Things, mobile Internet and customer links, according to their data transmission behaviour analysis, with big data, artificial intelligence, telemedicine to manage their behaviour effectively. For example, differences in indicators were made based on monitoring their behaviours and health programs, such as exercise, diet, sleep, and tracking improvements in their physical health indicators.

In this way, with the support of science and technology, insurance companies can do an excellent job in insurance risk before, during and after management at the same time, so that insurance and customer delivery interaction from low frequency to medium frequency and high frequency, so that customers genuinely experience the existence of insurance; Let the loss of social wealth, let people's lives less pain, let technology change the world in insurance.

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