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4 Things We are Doing Differently in 2021

Bernard Kassab
Bernard Kassab

Remember that lovely buzzword "pivot" from last year? It's a word that many of us might want to forget - but if we're really honest with ourselves, it's a word that forced businesses did things differently - in rapid time, and it produced incredible results.

In 2021 we're running a mini-pivot because we believe that our business should always be evolving.

In this article, we're sharing four components of our business that we're re-pivoting - in the hope that it will inspire your business do to the same.

1. Reviving our Brand

What happens when any of your brand elements are inconsistent? It waters down people's confidence in your business.

Do this enough times and people start shopping somewhere else.

Wow! That's a heavy concept to deal with at the start of the year isn't it?

That's why we believe that it's super important to conduct an audit of your brand at least once a year. Here's a few places to get you started:

  • Your website: get someone in your team to check every page of your website (including your hidden lead generation landing pages) - do the colours match your branding, are the fonts the same, is the tonality of the words consistent, do you images fit in? We know there's a few elements that we broke our own rules with last year to get something up quickly - especially during COVID.
  • Your email signatures: does everyone have a consistent signature? Does it have the correct colours and does your logo look great
  • Your business cards: are you a business that promotes confidence and strength, but your business cards were printed on cheap, floppy cardboard? Can you lift their wow factor with a raised UV logo or one of those finishes that make them feel like felt?

Can you score 100%?

How many elements of your brand bring you better customers?

To find out, jump onto our Branding Scorecard Tool.

This tool guides you through the process of reviewing your brand and achieving a score of 100%.

What's your score?

2. Building Landing Pages over Websites

Many businesses approach us because they are experiencing poor results from their website. A typical conversation runs something like: we had someone build a website for us but we're just not getting any decent leads - the ones that do come through are either tyre kickers or spam.

If you're purely needing better or more leads then landing pages could be a better solution.

A proper strategic business website can require tens of thousand dollars of investment, a team of resources and a lag time of months before you start seeing results.

A landing page, has the benefit of that strategic layer but at well under the tenth of the cost of a full website and requires significantly less effort. They also have the added benefit of testing design and content before committing that to a full website.

Check out three of our recent top performing landing pages for some inspiration:

  • Community Moves - Join the Movement
  • Bondi Guru - Reach Your Full Potential
  • More Than Strata - Call Back Guarantee

Landing pages our pride and joy

If you're about to engage with an agency to add landing pages to your website, you need the Landing Page Project Planner.

Download your Landing Page Project Planner

3. Getting the Job Done Faster with Templating Tools

Everyone (with the exception of our content writer Chris Melotti) struggles to write content - especially content that people find engaging.

A simple way to overcome this "writer's" block (or even writing to "tick a box") is to take advantage of a templating tool. A system like this will help you understand what to write and how to write it and help you turn through that feeling dread before you get started into a feeling of excitement.

We'll be releasing a Templating Tool once per month for the rest of the year so make sure you keep reading these newsletters to keep track of them all.

So far we've released:

  • The Branding Scorecard - templated tool to help you audit your core brand elements
  • The Landing Page Project Planner - as featured above
  • Next month - we'll release our "Get your blog written" tool

These will also be the same templating tools that we've used within our business - so you know they've been tested and produced the desired result.

4. Giving Back to the Community

This was a spur of the moment reaction (but then again weren't most our our COVID responses?).

We recently held a networking event where one of our clients, Kings Cross Distillery, donated a bottle of boutique gin. Rather than the boring old "lucky door prize" we decided that we'd auction the bottle off and donate the auction money to a charity that's dear to our hearts.

We choose Bear Cottage - one of only two children's hospices in Australia.

For us the idea of raising money for a charity is way more than just ticking the "raise money for charity" box. It's an opportunity for us to add meaning to what we do, and have our immediate community do something similar.

For us also, Bear Cottage is a metaphor for life. If you were to put yourself in the shoes of one of the children who are terminally ill - what you do differently in your life?

The Results

So what are our expected results from these mini-pivots?

  • More engaged customers: we created Ucidity to form long-term partnerships that help businesses like yours grow - a higher level of engagement gives us instant feedback that this partnership is evolving
  • Next level of customers: as we evolve so does our customer base - implementing the above pivots helps us attract our next level of customers that our business is ready for
  • Better results for our customers: this is the golden goose - if we can help you evolve and grow your business then we'll keep pushing ourselves harder to find smarter ways to do this

We'd love to read your comments below and get a better understanding of how you'll be doing business differently this year. Who knows - you might inspire us all to do the same.

If you enjoyed reading this article and would love to know more about any of the above suggestions - then please feel free to book in a 15 minute chat with Bernard our branding expert.

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