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How to Choose the Right CRM for Your Businesses

Bernard Kassab
Bernard Kassab

With such a wide variety of CRMs on the market, it's hard to know which to pick that'll fit all the needs of your business. We paired up with some great businesses and savvy CRM'ers to bring you an in depth look at some of the industry leading platforms on the market. In this article we will cover off what makes each CRM unique and what it may take to implement it into your business.

The CRMs we will cover are Insightly; ActiveCampaign; Zoho; HubSpot; Salesforce; Microsoft Dynamics; and a surprise entry - Streak.

Insightly is Australian based and sports a feature rich platform, easy to use and flexible straight out of the box. From the back-end area of the platform you can customise what is displayed for each team independently based on their highest priorities, rather than a one size fits all approach.

It also has a good level of automation as almost all fields are customisable and its reporting feature is very strong and included out of the box.

Vendor costs start at around USD $29 - USD $99 per user, per month. You should budget AUD $2,000 - $3,000 for implementation with a partner and around 1 - 2 months for roll-out.


ActiveCampaign is also a full featured CRM and marketing platform with many of the tools you'd need to manage and automate your business. This makes ActiveCampign a great way to minimise the number of different platforms you can integrate to take care of your business.

Vendor costs start at around USD $15 for up to 3 users - USD $279 for unlimited users, per month. You should budget AUD $4,000 - $5,000 for implementation with a partner and around 4 - 6 weeks if you choose not to attempt it yourself.


Zoho is both functional out of the box and highly customisable, without the big-ticket pricing like some of the other players. This makes it an attractive platform for anyone with unique processes or wanting to create a tool that fits to their business needs.

You don't have to invest in the entire platform at one time, you can buy and plug in models as your needs change, making it highly scalable on pay-as-you-go subscriptions.
Vendor costs start at Free to around AUD $55 - AUD $137.50 per user, per month. You should budget from AUD $0 - $50,000 for implementation with a partner and around 6 - 12 months for roll-out.


HubSpot users all rave about how "It's a pleasure to use." They have spent a lot of time working on the user interface and ensuring that the platform is easy to adopt, get it up and running and be able to harness the data within your business.

It's not just the ease of implementation as there are many out of the box solutions out there, but also its range of tools covering marketing, sales and service or customer experience.

Vendor costs can be Free to Starter at AUD $75.67 for 2 users - AUD $7,027.50 for 10 users with the entire Sales, Marketing and Service suite, per month. You should budget from AUD $0 - $12,000 for implementation with a partner and around 2 weeks - 1 month for roll-out.


Salesforce lives by the concept of continual improvement. Within your subscription license you get three upgrades to the system each year. It is a clean, streamlined approach, rolled out to all users so everyone can enjoy the new features. Hundreds of new features are added that are suggested by the users of the platform, so each one adds more and more value. Most importantly - without breaking the system! So no down time.

As a customer of Salesforce, you are part of a community and therefore are part of Salesforce focus on support.

Vendor costs start from Starter level at USD $25 (Just CRM) - USD $3,750 per user (Enterprise Marketing tools), per month. You should budget from AUD $20,000 - $25,000 for implementation with a partner and around 4- 6 weeks for roll-out.


Microsoft Dynamics is a singular platform that supports all your business operations, especially if you're already using Microsoft 365.

The other strong solution that Dynamics delivers is its ability to manage business process and workflows. The other area where it is very strong is with business intelligence and reporting. Unlike other CRM platforms, Dynamics is highly suited towards customisable process management and dashboards to assess how effective the business delivery is.

Vendor costs start at AUD $11 - AUD $89.20 and reduced cost for subsequent users, per month. As you build on the tools, costs will vary. You should budget from AUD $20,000 for implementation with a partner and around 6 week - 3 month roll-out.


Streak is a completely integrated platform into the G suite ecosystem. You can create workflows, automation, and data integrations through all the applications you are already familiar with.

It's bespoke to build and highly agile based on your needs. It's cost effective for when you're just starting out and gives yourself and the team visibility by leveraging Gmail and Google Drive share without leaving your mailbox.

Vendor costs start Free to USD $19 - USD $159 per user, per month. Make a hobby out of it and DIY is the best way, especially as there are many online video tutorials. Estimate about 3-7 days to get it up and running.


In the end it really comes down to budget and need. Systems can be small and nimble to big and all encompassing.

Decide whether you just need a customer management system, marketing engine, systematisation of the customer experience and/or project workflow. Based on this, you'll be able to narrow the best fit for you.

Contact our great team on and we can look into your needs and help guide you to the right CRM platform.

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