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A Strong Chamber is a Great Support, Especially in Times Like These

Peter May
Peter May

There is little doubt that these are challenging times for many businesses and families. As pen goes to this paper there are 771,984 confirmed cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide, with at least 4,245 confirmed cases in Australia*, countless businesses either closed or on the brink of closing with no defined timeline for when they might re-open and unemployment is inexorably rising.

In times like these, businesses need access to the best available information to assist distill the range of government support packages being made available. In recent weeks the daily/weekly announcements are welcome, though sometimes not as readily understood, based on the sheer volume of information being made available.

The CBD Sydney Chamber is actively working with Business Australia (formerly known as Australian Business/NSW Business Chamber) to provide trusted information to Members and other businesses. The most readily accessible way to do this is through a dedicated website: A Business Guide to Coronavirus which provides regular, sometimes daily updates on vital information areas such as:

  • Federal, State and local government information and grants
  • How to managing workplaces
  • Managing employees
  • Relevant Legislation
  • A range of templates
  • Shutting down business

Feedback from businesses receiving this has been extremely positive. Access to business-critical information like this makes the difference between knowing and not knowing what to do next for many SME's. Plus your business does not have to be a Member to have access at:

Access expert business support

Questions arise day-to-day in every business. But when a business does not have immediate access to answers or the business specialist that might assist, expert support is available through the CBD Sydney Chamber. At the moment, having timely and informed support you need can be especially important.

Do you have a business question? All CBD Sydney Chamber Members have unlimited calls to the Business Hotline. Just one call connects businesses to the right information, support and advice for your business questions.

Need specialist expertise? Members also have access to specialist advice in Workplace & Legal and Marketing through dedicated phone services.

Time to consider upskilling?

Some employers are looking to use these difficult trading circumstances, where employees have time available, as an opportunity to upskill - themselves or selected members of their team.

The Chamber's relationship with BSI Learning provides access to government-subsidised, nationally recognised Diploma qualifications in disciplines including human resources management, project management, customer engagement, business and leadership.

When choosing to enroll one or a number of your team, CBD Sydney Chamber Members qualify for a fully subsidised course fee - saving up to $5,000 for each qualification. Contact the Chamber for more information on the range of options available.

Businesses, supporting other businesses

The CBD business community connects all types of businesses - professional services firms, law, hospitality, retail services, accounting and finance, property and property services, health and allied health, education, training, HR, travel and tourism, creative, digital, media and marketing services and more - across over 3,500 individual business contacts.

Connecting people-to-people and people-to-business in more positive times, it is also working to support businesses in times like now.

A number businesses have already come forward with offers of support through collaboration in areas including retail, cyber security, business strategy and financial advisory services. The Chamber will be working to grow the number of businesses that understand the short and long term value of collaboration.

Women, supporting other women in business

Over two years ago, the Chamber created a group that fosters learning and connection specifically for women in business - owners and managers of SME's as well as those in senior positions or leaders in business.

This group's success is largely attributable to the quality of the workshop content, crafted by Tulsi van de Graff, Partner with Brave People Solutions, who has coached, facilitated and presented over a dozen workshops. And access to a range of SME's with the support of Sponsor Members BSI Learning, Hall & Wilcox Lawyers and St George Bank.

Since inception it has connected with over 400 women through a range of lunchtime and evening events - and is now looking at transitioning online to continue the conversations and relationships already created.

So why join the CBD Sydney Chamber?

The Chamber does not simply represent another networking forum.

Its role is to connect, engage and support businesses and people in business in a way that helps achieve the best possible outcome - whatever the business conditions.

Right now, that is probably more difficult than at any time in recent memories. But by providing access to clear information, business support services, upskilling opportunities and a focus on women in business, the Chamber can be a valuable support in moving through the current economic challenges.

That's why Membership Counts.

Contact Peter May - Executive Officer CBD Sydney Chamber on 9350 8103 or 0437 872 052.

For CBD Sydney Chamber Members contact:

Business Hotline on 13 26 96.
Advice Line calls for Workplace & Legal Advice on 13 29 59

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