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How to Quickly and Efficiently Arrange Remote Work for Your Company

Leonid Karlinskiy
Leonid Karlinskiy

Last year our lives changed dramatically and many things which were not even on our "to-do" list became priority number one. One such item is business continuity during unexpected lockdowns when staff simply cannot be in the office due to health and safety reasons, or they just may want to increase productivity by cutting commuting time.

At the Australian Phone Company, we have a decade of experience in phone systems and unified communications and would like to share a couple case studies that may be relevant for your business as well.

One of our long-term customers that provides consulting services over the phone contacted us to assist them with arrangement of the remote work due to an emergency COVID-19 lock down effecting their office. A number of years ago they had switched to us. They were using a VoIP SIP Trunking Service (which means their phone system was still on site and interconnected to the telephone network using our services). However they have decided to keep their on-site PBX (Phone Box Exchange)as it is with all phones - to simplify the cutover process and reduce costs. Their on-site PBX was working perfectly fine for them, providing IVR (Interactive Voice Response, such as press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support...) ring groups, call recording, so they were not motivated to replace phone their system at all.

However, there was one big problem; their phone system was proprietary, which means only phones from the same vendor would work with this vendor's PBX. They were working perfectly fine onsite in the single office, but there was no opportunity at all to bring these phones home for remote work, or setup any desktop or mobile phone apps to answer calls when the office was unattended. The customer was panicking, as they couldn't just stop taking customer calls.

Our technical team decided to migrate their setup to the 3CX solution, which is widely used around the globe and trusted by many big businesses, such as PWC, Holiday Inn, Wilson, and many more. This solution can be deployed in 1 to 2 hours into a cloud-based environment, which was done straight away. In just two hours, we deployed 3CX to AWS (Amazon Web Services) Enterprise Cloud data centre and connected SIP Trunking with all phone numbers to this new solution. Because 3CX probably has the most developed applications in the VoIP world, all staff installed light mobile apps to answer and make calls from their mobile phones. Their receptionist and core consulting personnel started using phone systems from their computers with a normal web browser. And guess what? They were absolutely amazed that now many other functions are available for them.

They use video conferencing and video face to face calls, online chat, whiteboarding and advanced call queues. They have decided to abandon their old phones and get brand new standard Yealink phones in the office. But they know if any complications arrive - they don't need to depend on any single vendor; they can use mobile phones and computers for phone calls, take phones home and serve their customers much better with new features.

Another good example is when a business college contacted us with an emergency requirement - they were impacted by the lockdown and had traditional phone system. Landline numbers were connected to analogue phones on staff desks. They had the same conversation with a few VoIP providers before - but it was "mission impossible" to attend their premises during lockdown to install any type of PBX and allow the personnel to work remotely.

One complication was that we were asked to set up 100 working telephone lines within a few hours to the distributed staff around the state, working from home, with no options to attend the site or ship equipment to staff. When everyone else just gave up on this challenging project, we have achieved a miracle. As the customer was already an active user of Microsoft 365, they had Microsoft accounts on all staff computers connected within their organization. Bingo! This meant we could activate Microsoft Team Calling within a few hours to their Microsoft account. As Australian Phone Company offers Microsoft Teams integration, the customer activated Teams applications to all staff, and we did the rest.

We provisioned one hundred temporary phone numbers to their account and forwarded the existing block of number to new ones. The system was ready in less than four hours. Staff started to receive calls on their old numbers, but via their company computers. They have liked using Microsoft Teams for calling and now are in the process of porting their block of numbers to us. The customer is very happy with the result. No capital spending was required and it's an absolutely future-proof solution.

Regardless of the size of your business, the Australian Phone Company is your one-stop shop for unified communications. Speak with our experts today to find out how we can assist with your telephone system. Please visit our web site or give us a call at 1800 APHONE.

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