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How to Get the Right Phone System for a Business of Any Size

Leonid Karlinskiy
Leonid Karlinskiy

In the contemporary world of the internet, phone and communication systems remain the main ways for businesses to keep in touch with clients and a way to communicate within organisations. Telephone systems have been transformed significantly and now are a more unified communication tool with phone calls, auto attenders, voice menus, voice and video conferencing, chats, mobile apps, and much, much more.

Very often, businesses are confused about how to get the right system:

  • To avoid any extra spending for functionality which is not required
  • For future company growth, or
  • Use existing IT infrastructure.

At Australian Phone Company, we have helped small and medium businesses for almost a decade in unified communications and are happy to share our experience with phone system selection steps.

Everything starts with the size of your business. If you are sole trader, small convenience shop, or a medical practice with few staff, it's overkill to have your own dedicated PBX (phone box exchange) in your office. For such applications, we have a great product called Cloud PBX. The beauty of this telephone system solution is located in our highly reliable cloud infrastructure; customers only need phone handsets or can even connect from mobile phones. So, there's absolutely zero capital spending for telephone systems infrastructure, and no payments for any IT support.

We do all the hard work managing servers and infrastructure. However, it's still a very powerful phone system with an intuitive and friendly user interface. You get access to all the latest functionality, including greeting messages, voice menus, time-based routing, FAX, conferences, voicemails, call recording, and so on. There are 36 available features out of the box without any extra charges. You don't need any IT knowledge to configure a system - via the web interface you may always customise how calls reach your office, which phone rings first, add an extra public holiday or forward all calls to mobile if required. The general rule we advise for our customers: if you have fewer than 25 internal users (extensions) - consider cloud-based telephone system.
If your business requires communication for more than 25 users, we advise that you have an on-site telephone system. This is quite important because, in this case, all internal calls remain within your local office network and don't overload the internet.

We are a Platinum Partner for the world-leading 3CX telephone systems vendor and strongly advise this solution for any scale of on-site deployments. With on-site 3CX systems, you get the complete unified communication toll for your business. Starting with the basic versions, conferencing and web meetings are already available. CRM system integration is available in professional versions to track and manage all your sales and customer calls. There is also functionality for integration with website chats, SMS and Facebook, which make the phone system a singular tool for all customer communications.

The fact that phone system is located in your office doesn't change the ability for your staff to use applications on their mobile phones to receive and forward calls, attend and organise meetings, chat, and see other people attending. People may still send and receive calls on their computers in remote locations, and work from any convenient place. The 3CX mobile application is probably the best in the world for unified communications for the set of functionalities. When you have distributed offices around the country or even around the world with a number of staff, the 3CX telephone system may be deployed in Amazon or other data providers to achieve the best reliability and accessibility from any place. In the office environment, an ordinary computer is good enough to start with, which makes solution highly affordable and scalable. Big companies such as Holiday Inn, PWC, KPMG trust this solution.

For relatively large organisations or government agencies, you probably already use Microsoft Teams for collaboration between people within organisations, web meetings, and chats. But your phone system is still standalone and not integrated within Teams and Microsoft office.

With the latest unified communication solutions, we can connect your Teams with the telephone network. Your staff will have their own phone numbers delivered directly into the Teams application on a personal computer, mobile app or desk phone. An existing office telephone system may be integrated within Teams for smooth migration and keep functionality during migration. Alternatively, it can be decommissioned, and the phone functionality provided by Teams via an Australian Phone SIP Trunking solution. An organisation can save thousands of dollars per year with migrations from legacy phone systems to the current technology.

Regardless of your business size, the Australian Phone Company is your one-stop shop for the unified communications - speak with our experts today to find out how we may assist with your telephone system.

Please visit our website or give us a call at 1800 APHONE.

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