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Are You Benefiting from the Use of Microsoft Teams for Your Company?

Leonid Karlinskiy
Leonid Karlinskiy

In the last a few issues of BiziNet, we explained that it is important to have the right telephone system for SMEs to boost efficiency. Today we will talk about the benefits where almost every organisation already uses Microsoft office, but still maintains a standalone telephone system.

Microsoft is a very significant part of corporate life providing (at the very least) Microsoft Office to virtually every computer in the Enterprise world. Employees of medium businesses and enterprise companies use this software every day to prepare documents, presentations and to deliver internal and external projects. However, telephone and office communications were something different and standalone until now.

Microsoft Teams has recently seen massive growth and currently has more than 75 million daily active users. Judging by information gathered from multiple sources, we, here in Australia, are on second or third place in the world for Microsoft Teams being used by enterprise businesses. Microsoft Teams offers a great set of tools at your fingertips to make and receive calls from almost any device such as office computer, smartphone or dedicated office phone. You can instantly share files straight from your Microsoft office applications, schedule meetings with internal and external customers, use online chat and much more... People can work from the office, from their home, or travel. As long as you have access to your corporate Microsoft account you will be connected to your telephony service as well. However, a big number of organisations are reluctant to consider migration of telephony and unified communications to Microsoft Teams due to a myriad of reasons.

At the Australian Phone Company, we have almost a decade of experience in voice communications and we know better than anyone else as to what is the most important to business people today, and how we may assist to setup Microsoft Teams functionality in your Company. Let's talk about some fears of system administrators and IT Companies which may prevent the migration of office telephone to Microsoft Teams and how we may put these at ease.

MS Calling Plans are limited and not flexible: Yes, unfortunately Microsoft doesn't provide a big variety of phone plans. Unlimited plans may be expensive per user or pay-as-you-go plans cannot be mixed with unlimited or still have high cost per minute. And that is exactly why you need us. We offer a variety of phone plans fitting to any organisation's budget starting from zero per month and up to unlimited with Australia and New Zealand included calls. That is a unique opportunity when the outstanding Microsoft Teams functionality can be integrated with a cost saving VoIP offering from Australian Phone Company to help your Business. You will be making and receiving internal and external calls directly from Microsoft Teams apps or office phones and we take care of the telephone network interconnect.

Teams fails short on advanced PBX features: Microsoft are doing a great job providing office communications, but you may find that your ordinary call queue, or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu is not possible to use with the Teams at the moment. And that is what we would like to assist you with - all advanced Business PBX features will still be provided by your current PBX or by us, and we provide interconnect to Teams to deliver voice to your staff. It is probably the best synergy when traditional VoIP offers full scope of Business features alongside with the voice integration to Microsoft Office.

You cannot bring your own phone numbers: Numbers porting portability is a very well-defined process in Australia. However, you still need to have relations and agreements with every single carrier in the local market to be able to do it. Porting may be different, it may be simple Category-A port, complex from ISDN, Line Hunts, etc. of Category-C or just specials numbers for 1300/1800 Business numbers. Downtime and errors are not acceptable here, so who can process port of your organisation better than a VoIP provider with 10 years of local Australian experience? We have ported thousands and thousands of numbers during this period.

It is hard to connect Teams or non-Teams users: We note that it is nearly impossible to do with standard Teams functionality without building your own Session Border Controller. However, when organisations are migrating to a new system, especially with a few offices across the Country - that is a must have option. We are happy to offer you setup to BYO PBX with Microsoft Teams and if you have a standard SIP based telephone system in your office - we will help you integrate it with Teams. Your phone system settings will remain exactly the same but phone calls will be arriving via Teams.

Session Board Controller is expensive and technical: It is true that for the majority of organisations building their own interconnect between Teams and Telephone Network is not economically feasible . That is why we are happy to offer our solution when your organisation will be set up in minutes with no additional hardware or software required. Our Teams system uses Tier One Microsoft Certified Partner with all equipment located in the Microsoft Azure datacentre in the nearest possible proximity to Teams services. You will get the best possible experience form such a setup when traffic never leaves Microsoft Azure premises. As a bonus, your IT administrator will get full control of this interconnect to add new users, numbers, etc. without any tickets and provider's involvement.

Australian Phone Company currently operates across five independent data centres across Australia, and two of them are in Sydney, where Microsoft Azure is located. That brings the best possible experience for voice calls and redundancy making sure that your Company is always connected to the rest of the world.

We are happy to work with you to arrange a step-by-step or overnight migration of your current phone system, assist with number porting and formulating the most efficient strategy to update your office telephone system. Microsoft Teams integration service is offered with FREE 30-day trial to ensure that you will get exactly what is required. Please visit our website or give us a call at 1800 APHONE to talk with experts today.

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