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Volunteering is Good for Your Mind and Soul

Why do people give up their time to help others? Stryder community transport is a for-purpose organisation that values volunteers and they currently have 28 amazing people who put up their hands to drive; to assist clients on social or shopping bus trips; and to provide administrative support in the office.

Volunteering connects you to the community, provides a sense of belonging and keeps you healthy and active. I asked one of our office volunteers to share her experiences and to find out what makes her tick. Let's meet Prue.

Prue, what motivates you to volunteer?

I heard about the volunteering opportunities at Stryder through friends who are also volunteers and I was at the stage of my life where I had time to do the same. My friends were my motivation!

I have one daughter and two granddaughters who play a major part in my life. I was widowed when I was 47 and have devoted myself to the family since then. While my family was young I worked both in school administration and also managed a not-for-profit environmental education centre for the Education Department. Once my daughter was in high school, I went back into the corporate environment, first as an office manager in an insurance brokerage and then as PA to the lead partner of KPMG Parramatta (7 years) and then PA to the Chairman of KPMG Sydney (10 years).

Why do you volunteer for Stryder and how do you assist them?

I joined Stryder as a way of contributing to the community environment. I have found it a very worthwhile group to work with. I work in the office one day per week and take on any jobs that the staff require assistance with.

What are the benefits you gain from volunteering?

I enjoy being part of a working group again, talking to clients and it has certainly helped me keep up my administrative skills. Since being with Stryder I have learned to use their database system and feel quite competent entering bookings and assisting the client service team answering calls and general enquiries.

Do you have any words of wisdom to share that may encourage others to volunteer?

I'm not sure what words of wisdom I can share, except to say that you feel a sense of achievement volunteering and it is great to feel wanted and appreciated.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Does your business have a CSR program? The benefits of such are program can create a positive reputation for your business, can increase customer loyalty, promote your brand to increase your customer base and provide your staff with opportunities to give back to the community through volunteering. If the answer is yes, Stryder may have a fundraising event you might be interested in supporting.

Stryder's social impact

Fun Fact: For every $1.00 given, it provides $13.00 worth of social return on your investment.

"Your driver was professional and kind, I was treated like a human." - Trevor

"The transport service provided has changed my sister's life and given her a reason to look forward to work and social outings. Life is brilliant ." - Jeanette

"I would like to thank you for the many, many years of outings. Stryder has taken me to places that I have never seen before." - Edith

"I would like to compliment Stryder for the lovely drivers for the 2 trips that were organised for my mother, Joy. I live in Brisbane but had the opportunity to accompany my mother on her trips. It has given me the peace of mind knowing that you are looking after my mother." - Lee

"Thank you for my transport to my specialist doctor, I would not have managed without the assistance from Stryder. I am very lucky to have this support as it helps to keep me going." - Daphne

Stryder's services

Stryder has buses for hire and is keen to support local businesses. There are strategic partnership opportunities that might benefit both yourself and Stryder. Visit our website or email Virginia to find out more.

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Tel: 02 9816 5000
Street Address: 6 Victoria Road, Henley
Postal Address: PO Box 162, Gladesville, 1675

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